DENVER (CBS4) – Former Olympic skier, University of Colorado football star, and successful businessman Jeremy Bloom helped raise over $100,000 at his “Wish of a Lifetime” gala over the weekend.

Bloom started his charity four years ago, granting wishes for senior citizens. Saturday night he invited several members of the 1948 Olympic team to attend his gala. Like this year, those Olympics were also held in London shortly after World War II when the city was still recuperating.

Frank Havens won gold and silver in canoeing in 1948 and he showed off his medals at the gala.

“Dad recognized that I was good at distances, so when he heard it was 10,000 meters, that’s what he worked me on,” Havens said. “He was the best paddler in the world in 1924 but stayed home because that’s the year I was born, and he never let me forget it.”

Harrison Dillard, a four-time gold medalist in the 100-meter and 110-meter hurdles, was also at the gala.

“Back then my winning time was 10.3. I think that was 1/10th of a second off the world record at that time,” Dillard said.

Bloom will be working as a correspondent at the London games.

LINK: Wish of a Lifetime


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