BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4)– A former Summit County District Attorney is used to prosecuting cases but now he’s at the center of his own criminal investigation.

Jeff Ryan served as Deputy District Attorney for the Summit County branch of the 5th Judicial District during the 90s. He was a judge for about four years after and has most recently worked as a criminal defense attorney for about a decade in Breckenridge.

Police said the felony menacing charges stem from what began as an argument between Ryan, 60, and some 20-year-old neighbors who were returning home early one morning from the bar.

Ryan said he didn’t like how loud they were getting and claimed they didn’t have any respect for their elders.

Police said all of the young people involved had been drinking that night.

Ryan said he pulled out his keys and put them inside his fist for self defense purposes while he and the others continued to yell and argue in the street.

According to the police report, the younger adults believed Ryan had a knife and was threatening to stab them.

Ryan had at one point gone back into his office but then police officers arrived and arrested him for two counts of felony menacing.

Ryan told CBS4 that it’s outrageous he’s been charged when he simply was preparing to protect himself in case the situation escalated. Ryan also was carrying a pocket knife which officers found when they placed him under arrest. He is adamant that he never used it during the altercation but the alleged victims have a different story.

The case is expected to play out in court next month.


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