DENVER (CBS4)– Chicago-based alt-rockers Wilco take over Red Rocks for the weekend and the band is glad to be playing the venue.

Frontman Jeff Tweedy says it’s a great venue.

“It’s a rare opportunity to play a beautiful outdoor environment where the audience is coming with really high expectations and that adds to the energy of it,” Tweedy said. “That’s wonderful, it’s great to get to play there”

“It’s just a great audience, they’re always up for… they’re always ready for the ride and they’re ready to go with you where-ever you want to go as a band. That’s the ideal, playing outside.”

Wilco formed in the middle 1990s and released its eighth studio album last fall.

The current incarnation of Wilco has been together since 2005 and those years together create a real tapestry for the live performance.

“I like it all to be honest. I like the contrast. I like the light and the dark. I think Wilco is an extremely dynamic band and that’s my favorite part of performing, it’s loud and soft, light and dark and all the ways you can intensify your music by showcasing the other aspect equally.”

But Tweedy does admit there’s one thing you always have to watch at the Morrison amphitheater

“The weather is the thing to always be on your toes about out at Red Rocks.”



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