LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– More homeowners were allowed to return home today after being evacuated from the High Park Fire. Firefighters warn that those who weren’t allowed to return home today will have to wait until next week.

“Can’t wait to hit that check point and get on back,” said Poudre Park resident Ann Collier.

“Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst,” said Poudre Park resident Jessica Folger.

“Eleven nights and 12 days I’ve been away from home,” said Poudre Park resident Jonette Folger. “The anticipation of not knowing has been the worst part.”

On Thursday at noon, 164 homeowners living in Poudre Park returned to their property. The evacuation lift does not include Unger Mountain Road, Falls Gulch Road or King’s Canyon Road.

All residents are asked to remain on alert. If fire conditions worsen, this area may be required to evacuate again. Power has been restored to this area.

“We heard it caught fire four times, lost our sheds and the tree house that we built and what not – but it’s still standing according what the fire fighters told us so thank God,” said Jessica.

Poudre Canyon Fire Chief Carl Solley said it was the valiant effort of 19 volunteer firefighters who saved so many of the homes in Poudre Park from burning.

“We had 19 volunteers. They responded at that time and they worked tirelessly from 10:30 in the evening until noon the next day,” said Solley.

“Thank God for the firefighters, God bless them,” said Jessica.

The High Park Fire has burned 68,200 Acres, is 55 percent contained and has cost $19.6 million to fight since the lightning-caused fire began June 9. There are 1,978 fire personnel fighting the fire along with 18 helicopters and 135 engines running with a 24-hour work schedule in place.


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