DENVER (CBS4) – Walmart is best known for its super stores, but now it’s opening smaller outlets in Colorado it calls a “Neighborhood Market.”

Three opened Wednesday in Arvada, Centennial, and on Parker Road in Denver. Two more open next week in Littleton and on Chambers Road in Denver.

King Soopers sends out personalized ads to shoppers each week. Safeway recently launched a program that tracks purchases and then customizes digital coupons for customers. Now Walmart wants people to shop at their neighborhood markets.

Marion Middleman is exactly the kind of shopper Walmart is after. The Neighborhood Markets aren’t superstores, they’re grocery stores which want people to believe they have super prices.

“Convenient easy shopping, quick in and out,” store manager Aundrell Johnson said.

Johnson says she’s not in the business of selling lawn mowers or hardware.

But are the prices any lower?

“A dollar for a watermelon? Even in my hometown where they grow watermelon I cannot get it for this price,” a shopper said.

“It’s convenient for me because I just live across the street,” another shopper said.

For the grand opening there are sales galore, but shoppers need to check prices in a few weeks to see if the everyday low prices really are lower every day.

Not everyone is happy to see Walmart’s new grocery stores around town. Protesters backed by the union that represents grocery workers picketed outside the Parker Road location Wednesday morning. They called on Walmart to pay higher wages and provide more benefits to its workers.


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