DENVER (CBS4)– If you forget your coupons before you head to the grocery store, don’t worry. Have them sent to your smart phone instead.

Stores are courting customers with the high-tech way to cash in coupons. Personalized coupons will be sent right to your phone.

“I like this idea. It makes it easier,” said shopper Ray Ehrenstein. “I assume I’ll save more than I did before.”

Safeway stores now offer an app that personalizes coupons to your specific taste.

“I drink a lot of Red Bull so for me, Red Bull comes up,” said Ehrenstein.

Safeway sends him Red Bull coupons and the app also compiles a list of favorite items with the discount included.

“They send you deals because they know you love Safeway biscuits,” said Ehrenstein.

“Come in, do your grocery shopping understanding that everything is downloaded in your club card and savings will pop up for you at the cash register,” said Safeway spokesman Al Duran.

The app will also tell you the price of specific items at nearby competitors.

King Soopers also customizes coupons for customers but does it through the mail not online. Shoppers can go online and send coupons to their King Soopers car.


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