WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – There was a remembrance of a different kind this memorial holiday. A woman paid tribute to her late daughter while issuing a warning about a silent killer.

“Ashley never gave up,” Retta Masloff said.

Graveside, Masloff remembered her princess.

“God probably needed her in Heaven to do his wonderful work up there,” Masloff said.

She was a beautiful daughter — taken at just 25 — the victim of a silent killer.

“I miss her.”

It was Christmas Eve 2011. Ashley Fritz needed to charge her cell phone. Her wall charger was missing so she used a car charger in the garage with the engine running.

“In that 14 minutes Ashley passed away,” Masloff said.

She died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“The pain is still there every single day.”

Her heartbroken mother has turned her misery into a mission.

“Homes have to have carbon monoxide detectors.”

Masloff’s memorial on the holiday was to Ashley. Her message was to everyone.

“I can’t bring Ashley back, but what I can do is save somebody else from the pain that I go through.”

At Memorial Day’s graveside tribute Masloff handed out donated monitors and urged all to remember Ashley by sounding the alarm about carbon monoxide.

The carbon monoxide detectors distributed by Masloff were donated by a company called First Alert.


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