DEMVER (CBS4)– High school and college students are looking for summer jobs and the City of Denver is helping out with a job fair.

Grant Beczkalo is mowing his parents’ lawn. While he’s happy to help out around the house, he would like to find a job and make some money.

“I got home Monday and the job hunt is going very well,” said Beczkalo.

Carrie Stegner is looking for someone like Beczkalo to work in her store. Boom Yogurt recently opened in East Denver and she needs part-time employees.

“We’re hiring 15 to 20 people for summer employment and we’re paying just above minimum wage,” said Stegner.

At Timbuk Toys, Mackenzie Dvorak is taking inventory. She’s also counting her blessings that she has a summer job.

“It’s not very easy, everyone wants work experience and a lot of people don’t have that. Luckily, I have work experience,” said Dvorak.

Here are some job hunting tips for teenagers from Denver’s Office of Development:

Prepare a resume

  • No matter how much, or little, job experience you have, all teens should prepare a resume.
  • Resume can show transferable skills (especially helpful if you have no work experience; employers are interested in assessing any skills you have, such as from household chores, newspaper delivery, that can be transferred).

Involve your parents

  • They have lots of job experience, and can be a great support base
  • They can critique your resume, give you pointers
  • They might have job lead ideas through their network of friends and family

Prepare for the job interview

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Actually do a mock interview.
  • Anticipate what the questions might be and how you would respond

Dress for success

  • First impressions last, so make sure to have a good appearance
  • No jeans, sneakers, torn or ripped clothing

Volunteer work

  • Sometimes turns into permanent work
  • Bolsters your resume, and chances for scholarships

Mayor Michael B. Hancock will host a summer youth job fair and training expo to help connect youth to summer jobs and career training opportunities. The Summer Youth Jobs & Training Expo will be held Friday, May 18, from 1 to 6 p.m., at the Colorado Convention Center.

Register at this link:


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