COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A bear that had been caught repeatedly in neighborhoods in Colorado Springs was put down Thursday.

The 3-year-old bear was seen near Madison Elementary School Thursday morning. As a safety precaution all students were brought inside.

Wilson Elementary School located near Madison Elementary and Patrick Elementary also decided to keep their students inside.

The 170 pound bear was found a short time later in the 3500 block of Richmond Drive. It was digging through trash in that neighborhood.

bear in colorado springs Bear Captured, Euthanized In Colorado Springs

A 3-year-old bear was captured and later euthanized after it was deemed a repeat offender in a Colorado Springs neighborhood. (credit: Erik Vainu)

Three weeks ago the same bear was moved 50 miles out of Colorado Springs in an attempt to relocate the animal back to the mountains.

Because today’s incident was the second time the bear was found digging through the trash, wildlife managers decided to euthanize the bear for safety.


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