DENVER (CBS4)– An emotional Gov. John Hickenlooper wants state lawmakers to debate a failed civil unions bill and he’s calling a special session to get it done.

“It’s important for the state that we make another effort on behalf of so many people out there,” said Hickenlooper. “I’m a little sleep deprived so emotions come too quick to the surface.”

Hickenlooper choked back tears when he explained why he felt compelled to call a special session.

“I spent a long time in the restaurant business and a lot of people helped us create that business who didn’t have the same rights as everyone else,” said Hickenlooper.

After failing to convince Speaker of the House Frank McNulty to bring the civil unions bill to the House floor Tuesday night, causing the measure to die along with 37 other bills, the governor said he had to do something.

“There were complaints that there was not sufficient time to have a full debate around the civil unions bill on the House floor. Now because we have that other stuff to work on we have that opportunity,” said Hickenlooper.

Watch Hickenlooper’s Announcement On Calling Special Session

He believes the issue has become politicized but insists it’s not really about Republicans or Democrats, “I think it’s an issue about people and their rights.”

The cost of the special session is estimated at $75,000 or $23,500 per day. The State of Colorado has an escrow account with $350,000.

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