Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorI hate my drive to work. Hate it. Dread it. Despise it. And I think my drive doesn’t care for me too much either.

A new study find people who commute 10 or more miles to work each day have higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, bigger waistlines, and are just plain angrier than those with shorter commutes.

The study followed more than 4,300 people and tracked their numbers over a seven year period, and the news got worse with each mile traveled. When you think about it, the reasons are fairly obvious:

More time in car = less time for exercise

More sitting = bigger waistlines (even if you do work out at other times of day)

More time clenching the wheel = more time hating life and every other driver who has the audacity to drive on your highway

What’s the answer? I wish I knew. The researchers say use meditation, relaxation techniques, audio books or in-car mini exercises to survive the drive.

Yet the last time I put in a CD with soothing sounds, I almost threw it out the window when another driver cut me off on 6th Avenue.

I still wonder if it would have flown like a frisbee. Now that would have relaxed me.

The “Flight of the Soaring CD.” My new commuting mantra. I feel better already.


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