THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Thornton are investigating the shooting of a father and a boy which left the boy dead.

The man’s wife called police to the 9200 block of High Street just after midnight to report the shooting.

Both victims were taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced the child dead. The boy’s exact age was unknown but he was under 10.

The man was listed as being in critical condition.

Police are not saying exactly what the circumstances of the shooting were.

“You have an adult man and a young child who suffered from gunshot wounds,” said Matt Barnes with the Thornton Police Department. “We haven’t ruled anything out at this point, we’re just not sure what happened.”

thornton murder invest map Boy Dies, Father Hurt In Thornton Shooting

(credit: CBS)

Police said they have been to the home before.

“We’ve not had any calls this year at the home,” Barnes said. “We’ve had several calls in the past there but nothing related to any type of disturbance.”

So far no one is under arrest and the coroner is performing an autopsy on the boy.


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