CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – The Garfield County Sheriff’s Department is on the hunt for one or two men who keep showing up on hiking trails naked.

Since 2008, hikers have reported 50 sightings of naked men on the Lorax, Rio Grande and Red Hill trails in Carbondale.

One occasion the man was touching himself.

“This isn’t something that’s funny,” said Tanny McGinnis with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department. “It’s not a prank, this isn’t something that we’re willing to put up with one moment longer than we have to.”

Police received eight calls in 2008 with 14 in 2009, 18 in 2010, 21 in 2011 and six so far this year.

One hiker said she would not want to encounter the man.

“I think if I was hiking by myself or with a bunch of girlfriends, I’d be pretty freaked out,” Liz Mercatoris said.

Investigators believe there are two men involved because of the descriptions.

One is a white man 5-foot-10 with an athletic build. The other is also white, 25 to 30 years old, 5-foot-11 with brown hair and a small beard.

The sheriff’s department says the reporters are definitely worrisome.

“It is our priority that we solve this case and that we get this person or persons off our trails,” McGinnis said.


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