DENVER (CBS4) – “Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective” has opened at the Denver Art Museum. It’s the only city in the United States in which it will be shown, and only the third in the world after Paris and Madrid.

So why Denver? CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody went in search of an explanation.

“I had to wonder — why Denver, YSL? Why our little town for this feast of haute couture?” Moody said.

Some 200 outfits — plus thousands of accessories — from the nearly 60-year career of Yves Saint Laurent are on display into mid-summer at the Denver Art Museum. It’s a vast retrospective of one man’s artistic vision.

“Because this is a great museum and they have a great space for exhibitions; and they really wanted to have this exhibition,” Emilie Enard with “Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective” said about why Denver was picked.

For museum director Christoph Heinrich, it was an unusual, focused, and highly desirable show.

“Denver is the only venue of this show and we’re very happy about it,” Heinrich said. “I think it shows you creativity of 50 years by not only a world-class designer, but really by a designer who shaped these 50 years immensely.”

Just as Denver’s central location has made it a major stop on the Broadway tour circuit, the central location paired with excellent exhibit facilities in the Hamilton Building — and a national advertising campaign — has made it a one-of-a-kind show in a one-of-a-kind place, drawing an audience willing to travel to be a part of the art.

“Actually, it’s a big moment. It’s a great show, it’s a wonderful layout, it’s a journey through 50 years of history; and it’s a world-class experience,” Heinrich said.

It’s the kind of show that patrons literally can’t see anywhere else in the country, except in Denver.

The exhibit runs through July 8 at the Denver Art Museum. The exhibit is a special date and time stamped ticket to control crowds and costs a little extra, but the ticket will also include admission to the rest of the museum.

LINK: Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective

Comments (3)
  1. Asodeska says:

    It really ain’t Fine Art.

  2. Marie Gibbons says:

    In their day, the Impressionists weren’t considered fine art by a lot of people either. There is a lot of opinion around what is and isn’t fine art but YSL’s work was original, gorgeous and very influential … .

  3. Asodeska says:

    Art scammers, who have sold the innocent and the ignorant on the Still, Jackson Pollock etc, make a lot of money doing it.
    They have crossed the line between true art and design.
    This exhibit is Design, not Art.

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