DENVER (CBS4) – Earth Day is every day at a place called ReStore. It sells used and recycled items.

It’s a way to get some household work done and celebrate Earth Day at the same time.

“We have garden chairs made out of palette boxes,” said Alice Goble, a ReStore volunteer.

A special section in the front of the store features furniture items made out of recycled parts. ReStore is focused on reducing waste and so are the customers as they recognize Earth Day.

“You’re not buying new furniture, you’re buying used furniture, so you’re recycling and that’s a good thing,” Barbara Santagini said.

Santagini and her husband, John, believe recycling is important and not just this weekend. They’re regulars at ReStore.

“We’ve been here before and we’ve been to others,” John said. “When you recycle you’re saving the resources of the community, of the earth, and of people, so it’s the right thing to do.”

Outside the store, a local company found a way to recycle used paint. They combine almost empty paint cans into a new can and resell it for a fraction of the original price.

“We run it through a processor recycling it, deliver it back to them and they can sell it,” Kevin Callahan with Green Sheen said.

The volunteers and customers at ReStore hope Earth Day is a day people will remember and practice recycling throughout the year.

LINK: Re-Store


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