GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4)– Wild birds have been flocking to the Denver Tech Center and the turkeys are responsible for ruffling a few feathers.

Wild turkeys have been roaming the streets and busy intersections. Police in Greenwood Village have confirmed that seven to nine of the birds are living and roaming around the Denver Tech Center.

“They were walking across as if they were going to the pond,” said Alex Kaplan who recently spotted some of turkeys.

Kaplan has seen four turkeys walking through her neighborhood.

“I don’t normally get threatened by very much but I feel a little threatened. They’re quite large!” said Kaplan.

It’s a sight that’s becoming commonplace in the DTC.

“At first I was kind of shocked. I didn’t really know that it was a turkey. I know what a turkey looks like but I didn’t expect to see a wild turkey in the Tech Center in Denver,” said resident Robert Roos.

The reason so many wild turkeys are being spotted in an urban area? Mother nature could be to blame.

“We had an extremely dry winter and so as birds look for food they’re going to be looking for the greenest food they can find and often times that means coming into areas where things are watered and that could mean residential areas,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton.

Although turkeys are not typically aggressive, Hampton cautions that the birds’ behavior can change if people feed them, “If people feed them they become comfortable around people, they may become more aggressive.”

Flocks of turkeys have also been spotted in Aurora and Cherry Creek.


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