DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Rockies made history Tuesday night as Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to ever win a major league game.

Rafael Betancourt got the save to get the 49-year-old left hander his milestone. Moyer gave up just six hits and two unearned runs in the win over the San Diego Padres.

Just a year ago Moyer wasn’t even in baseball, but now he’s got the Hall of Fame calling him asking for his glove and hat from Tuesday night’s game.

There were a lot of people talking about how incredible Moyer’s win was on Wednesday — except for Moyer, who is expecting a whole lot more out of himself.

Moyer says for him it’s not a punctuation mark, just another mile on a career that’s 25 years and counting.

“Milestones and records … to me become secondary when you’re playing in a team sport,” Moyer said.

But consider this — Tuesday night’s opposing pitcher Anthony Bass wasn’t even born when Moyer made his first start against Steve Carlton, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1994.

“I really enjoyed watching him work last night. He threw the ball great,” Todd Helton said.

While Moyer looks at Tuesday night as just another game, it was anything but that for his family. His wife Karen and seven of their eight children watched from the stands and rejoiced.

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Moyer says he’s made it this far just one way — learning something with every pitch.

“At this age, obviously experience is helping me greatly; knowledge of myself,” Moyer said.

Every time he’s on the mound, Moyer could set a new record. He’s old enough to be most of his teammates’ father. That may have been what the Rockies were going for all along.

“This is a wealth of knowledge for our young guys to benefit from,” manager Jim Tracy said.

Moyer will try to break his own record next Monday in Pittsburgh.


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