AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A dramatic series of car crashes in Aurora late Tuesday morning followed a fight inside an adult daycare facility.

Police say Juan Rivera, 38, went into the business at 336 Chambers Road and confronted his wife who works there. Investigators say he threatened her with scissors and they scuffled. She wound up suffering from minor injuries.

Then investigators say Rivera stole her keys and left in her truck.

Two hours later the woman reported receiving threatening phone calls from the man. Police then put officers back at the facility on Chambers and at the woman’s home.

Officers then spotted the woman’s truck about 10:30 a.m. near the facility and say the truck sped off.

Then another officer saw the truck at Mexico and Helena. That officer got out of his car and ordered the truck driver out of the truck. Instead, the driver reversed and hit a car from behind. The officer had to jump to avoid being hit by the truck.

After that the the truck was spotted at Mississippi and Chambers, then at Mexico and Chambers. That’s where another officer tried to stop the truck in a parking lot.

At that location, the driver drove straight into a police car, spinning it around and ripping off the front bumper. That officer also wasn’t hurt.

From there, police say the truck drove across Mexico and two landscaped areas in the middle of the road before crashing into a parked car. The parked car was empty, but there were a few people standing on the opposite side of the car and they received minor injuries from the crash.

At that point, police say the driver drove through the parking lot and back onto Mexico, stopping only because the truck was no longer working. That’s when officers arrested him without incident.

juan rivera Driver Smashes Pickup Into Other Cars In Aurora After Fight

Juan Rivera (credit: Aurora Police)

Rivera is being held at the Aurora Detention Center without bond and is facing multiple felony charges, including kidnapping, felony menacing and a restraining order.

The decision against allowing a bond was made after investigators learned Rivera had recently escaped from a halfway house.


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