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Friends Of Jogger Killed By SUV Gather At Site Of Crash

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police aren’t saying so far if the driver whose SUV on Sunday struck and killed a jogger and smashed into a home experienced some sort of medical condition that prompted him to drive erratically.

The accident happened just before noon in the southwestern part of the city as Michael Sanders, 45, was jogging on a sidewalk along the Hampden frontage road near Harlan.

Sanders was pronounced dead at the scene and a man in the home suffered a spine injury. The driver, Eduardo Duarte-Alegria, 43, was also hurt but is expected to survive.

Duarte-Alegria was dressed in a business suit. He was able to get out of the car after the SUV crashed into the home’s kitchen and walk a few feet before he was taken to the hospital. He doesn’t face any charges at this time but the case will be presented to the Denver District Attorney’s office.

Denver police said they don’t suspect drugs are alcohol played a role in the crash.

Many friends of Sanders learned of his death on Monday. Several came to the scene of the incident in the morning and gathered to share stories about how brave and fun he was.

Sanders’ family from Texas told CBS4 he had just gotten out of the military and had moved to Denver at the beginning of the year. He was taking classes at Arapahoe Community College and hoped to become a nurse or police officer.

The Pasteur family lives in the home, located at 3545 South Harlan Street, and was celebrating Easter when the crash happened. Jennifer Pasteur and her son were in the home with the man who was hurt, and they were both uninjured.

“We were in the kitchen and the car drove in,” Pasteur said. “I thought the roof was collapsing.”

  • Brock Ali

    Friends gather at site of crash ??? I hope they have better luck than their friend…

  • s.counts

    Was the SUV driver a legal resident of the U.S.?

  • John

    I hope he is not Illegally here in this country.

  • phil1578

    What a bunch of vultures you posters are. Let’s turn this into some international travesty. s.counts and John…….Was the driver here legally? What the f%^K does that have to do with the price of bananas anyway? Would this be a better story if it was a soccer mom from Lakewood? You both better run back home, I’m sure a couple of villages are missing an idiot.

  • John

    Please save me drama Phil. The major vultures are the Illegal Aliens and the people that hire them. And than we they people like you without a clue on Sovereignty, and economics. I’m not profiling I’m stating a fact more Hispanics by a large number are here illegally or anchored by Illegal entrance.

    • PabloZZ

      John, you are full of it.

  • phil1578

    What in this article would lead you to believe that this has anything to do w ith immigration?
    It’s a car wreck for christ’s sake.

  • phil1578

    Spare you the drama? you created your own. They give no clue in this article who the driver is, so why would would illegal immigration be a factor?

  • Lynn123

    Eduardo is not an illegal alien…he was born in the US, by US parents. Get off the “illegal” kick. I knew as soon as I found out that Eduardo had been in an accident, everyone would comment on his status due to his name. How do I know of his status? He is a member of my family.

    • Robert Gift

      What happened to Eduardo that he drove like that and lost control?
      New driver and forgot which pedal is the brake?

  • John

    Well I say wait and see. I give my condolences to the Sanders family. No it’s a death. What I’m full of is undisputed facts that I can backup. I don’t dance around the truth or the facts.

  • Kyle

    “And than we they people like you without a clue on Sovereignty, and economics.” Great point John. Well said.

  • John

    I didn’t bring this to be. Hispanic’s brought it on themselves if you condone Illegal act’s you have to live with the consequences of the backlash it creates. I am the only one so far that has offer my condolences to the family and friends of Micheal Sander’s.

  • Lynn123

    @John…you have no idea who has or has not offered condolences…you think a line added to a comment makes you superior…We (Eduardo’s family members) have reached out and spoken to several members of the Saunders family and offered our sincere condolences…does that make us better? No, it doesn’t and neither does a condolence you made in a news story comment.

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