DENVER (CBS4) – American Airlines has been scrambling to check planes for hail and wind damage after the storm that spawned about a dozen tornadoes around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas.

Many aircraft at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport got slammed, which meant a lot of Baylor fans were delayed trying to get home to Texas after the Bears big NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship win at the Pepsi Center Tuesday night.

Baylor fans went from a night of celebration to a morning of concern. There were only two flight cancellations at Denver International Airport Wednesday morning bound for Dallas-Fort Worth. But for fans it still meant countless headaches.

Most Dallas-bound passengers were happy to finally be able to leave Denver, but they were worried about what they were going to find when they got home.

“There’s no telling what’s happened to our house,” a traveler told CBS4. “From what we understand we’re going to be okay, but we’re going to make sure we eat lunch before we get onto that plane.”

“We’re just concerned about hail in Waco, but it was small so we’re hoping when we get there that our cars are all safe,” Waco resident Raymond Farrell said.

American Airlines ran normal flights from Denver to Dallas on Wednesday afternoon. Just two flights had minor delays. Hundreds of flights were still cancelled out of Dallas-Fort Worth. Racquetball-sized hail put nearly 100 planes out of service. About 1,400 were passengers stranded overnight. It’s been a wild ride that isn’t over yet.

“Staying right here and have to tough it out,” a passenger in Dallas said.

American Airlines is scrambling to get full operations under way. They’ve flown in mechanics from out of state to try to get the airline back up on its feet.


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