THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The surviving victim of a crash involving a driver who may have been on his cellphone may be released from the hospital as early as Tuesday.

Two families are in the process of planning funerals after the pickup truck drifted off a road in Thornton, hitting the teenager and two men on Saturday.

Michael Grennan’s wife says her husband was not on his cellphone at the time. Thornton police say they have Grennan’s cellphone. They suspect he was distracted by that cellphone while driving, which is why detectives will now perform forensic testing on the phone to determine if he may have been talking, texting or using it at the time of the accident.

“I have my moments that I loose it. I have my moments that I’m okay,” Carla Dabney said.

Carla Dabney is now trying to learn life with without her husband of seven years, Stephen Dabney, a father of six.

“All the breathe went out of me that we lost Stephen and Seth in the blink of an eye; and JJ, that poor kid is in the hospital,” Carla Dabney said.

stephen dabney Wife Of Accident Victim Says She Knows Driver Is Also Hurting

Stephen Dabney (credit: the Dabney family)

Police say Stephen Dabney and his close friends, brothers Seth and Jarren Lewis, were walking along the shoulder of the dirt road. They were hit from behind by 33-year-old Grennan’s truck.

seth jarren lewis Wife Of Accident Victim Says She Knows Driver Is Also Hurting

Jarren and Seth Lewis (credit: the Lewis family)

“How many times have each one of us been distracted. We reach for our coffee, we yell at our kids in the back seat, we reach for our cellphone,” Carla Dabney said. “It could have been anyone of us. It’s horrible timing that it happened right there.”

Grennan was quick as he left the Thornton Police Department. He told CBS4 he was not talking, texting or placing a call at the time of the accident.

grennan michael Wife Of Accident Victim Says She Knows Driver Is Also Hurting

Michael James Grennan (credit: Thornton Police Department)

“I have a lot to say to (the victims’ families) but that will be later,” Grennan told CBS4.

“I have moments when I’m really angry with him. And then I have moments where I know he is hurting as badly as we are,” Carla Dabney said.

One of Grennan’s family members told CBS4 he is devastated by the accident.

The victims’ families have set up memorial funds for their loved ones. To donate, go to any Wells Fargo bank and ask for the Dabney and Lewis Family Memorial Funds.

Comments (4)
  1. Rae says:

    you mention a memorial fund but wells fargo knows nothing about it…do you have the link to the memorial fund?

    1. meg says:

      please reference acct # ending in 8610

  2. RG says:

    If you are having trouble donating at Wells Fargo please note that the last 4 numbers of the Lewisfamilymemorialfund is ( 8610 ) and thank you all for all your thoughts & prayers!!!

  3. Tim says:

    Wells Fargo Stephen Dabney Memorial Fund
    Routing # 0418

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