VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – Just last month Lindsey Vonn clinched her fourth World Cup. She’s the first American skier to win four World Cup titles.

The numbers from the rest of Vonn’s accomplishments this season are staggering, but with her racing season over, Vonn returned to Vail for a homecoming celebration on Sunday. And it wasn’t just about her accomplishments this year.

Vonn has her own ski school here for young girls. She and Picabo Street were out channeling a message for young girls to be confident and strong as a woman. It comes at a time when Vonn has to do the same thing because she has a vital doctor appointment on Monday.

“She had a humongous year and I think a lot of us held our breathe heading into the season because of her personal life and the goals she set for herself were pretty lofty,” Street said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lindsey Vonn Wins World Cup Super-G

But Vonn met them and exceeded them. Twelve World Cup race wins, her fourth title, and nearly smashing 2,000 points — something only one other man has done. Of all those accomplishments, Vonn says winning at Beaver Creek in December is one of the top highlights.

“It was my first time ever winning a World Cup on home soil before, and not just the U.S., but my home town. That was really special,” Vonn said.

lindsey vonn Lindsey Vonn Returns To Vail For Homecoming Celebration

Lindsey Vonn after her win at Beaver Creek (credit: CBS)

It was announced this weekend her last four wins came with a knee injury.

“I kind of hit a bump funny and just compressed my meniscus a bit and struggled with it the rest of the year,” she said.

With the Olympics two years away and world championships in her hometown of Vail in 2015, Vonn says no matter the injury, she’s trying to make it through those two major skiing events.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on in there until we get the MRI, but I’ll let everyone know on Facebook as to the plans. I’m hoping I won’t need surgery and I just need some time off and it’ll heal on its own. I really don’t know,” Vonn said.

“That’s one of the things about Lindsey. If you look back over her career, she’s always got a little something, something nagging her,” Street said. “It keeps it raw and real and keeps her driving hard.”

Vonn will have the MRI Monday in Vail with the same doctor she’s had since she was 12. She said even if she needs surgery she’ll likely be back training in a month.


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