DENVER (CBS4) – Jason Giambi is a role player these days, but he loves his role, and the Colorado Rockies thnk he’s absolutely the best man for the job they ask him to do.

Giambi has no illusions. He knows he’s still with the Rockies because he can provide a late-inning bolt of lightning. But he’s also on the team because he’s got the wisdom learned over 17 big league seasons, and he’s ready and willing to pass on what he knows to his teammates.

“I try to bring more than just performing on the field. It’s exciting that I can still compete at this level, and that’s what keeps me playing, because I love the competition,” Giambi said. “But I also love passing on the game, because I was so lucky to have the (Mark) McGwires, and the (Dennis) Eckersley, and the Carney Lansford, who I played under.

“I think that’s how you give back to this game. You help these young kids and help them speed up their learning curve.”

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Troy Tulowitzki is happy to have Giambi on the team.

“You’re talking about me as a young kid watching one of my favorite players, who was him. And I was an Oakland A’s fan and now I get a chance to take the field with him and be a friend,” Tulowitzki said. “It’s pretty neat and kind of surreal, but at the same time he’s taught me so much about this game.”

Younger players appreciate the 41-year-old Giambi — but so does the rare player, who is even older.

“Jason has had a great career and it’s great to see him still playing and to see him contributing the way he contributes,” 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer said. “I think his presence in our clubhouse is huge as a teammate; especially with the position players — I’m sure they feel good of having someone of his stature around.”

Giambi says he doesn’t think he’ll be around as long as Moyer but joked he might have to get up on the mound and learn how to throw a knuckleball if he wanted to try.


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