STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A Colorado family is finally getting some relief after a colony of skunks infiltrated their home.

So far, 15 skunks have been removed from the Greene family’s home. A colony of skunks took up residence under their home in Steamboat Springs last fall and forced the family out.

The family was worried their insurance company might not help pay the cost to remove the skunks, which could add up to $100,000. The Greene family said State Farm Insurance will cover the expenses so they can move back home.

Mae Greene says she’ll never forget Nov 29 at 4 a.m.

“We were sleeping and we woke up coughing and thinking it was a gas leak. It was awful,” Mae said.

A colony of skunks had found their way underneath the 100-year-old house’s flooring. Since it’s so old, the house has no foundation and was a perfect safe harbor for a labyrinth of tunnels.

The Greenes and their two children moved out while trappers came in. For weeks they caught a skunk daily — a total of 13.

“We kept hoping we’d be home for Christmas,” Mae said. “The smell would just not go away. Everyone kept saying, ‘Oh, it will go away, it will dissipate.’ And some days you’d come in and it was even stronger.”

A highly-trained exterminator from Denver came in early this year and decided they needed to rip up the floors to find out where the smell was still coming from.

“They just cut it and ripped it all out,” Harris Greene said.

“We would have never known how extensive the tunneling was,” Mae said. “Once we pulled them up to see that tunnel system and to see the poo everywhere, and the smell, and your eyes were watering.”

When the floors came up, two more dead skunks were found under the house.

“No one has ever heard of anything like this, and so it’s just been challenging for that reason,” Mae said.

Comments (2)
  1. Brock Ali says:

    100 large seems a bit excessive to remove 13 live and 2 dead skunks, don’t you think? A little rat poison would have gone a long, long, way. I don’t want any of those gluey eyed, pablum puking PETA mutants complaining, either.

  2. Anna says:

    I feel your pain Mae! We had over 11 skunks under our house,this winter! The smell was aweful,,we also caught 2 huge raccoons,,this house was built in the 1800″s,,,sprayed over 5 times a day!!!!! It was crazzzyyy! to say the least! Any way the reson for my comment,,is ,,there is a brew you can make to get rid of smell,,50 oz of white distilled vinegar, 4 tbsps ground cinnamon & 2 apples sliced! You bring to a boil,,either leave it on stove top or move around house to where it was sprayed! The reboil and move around house,,throw away after it smells like skunk and start over! I ENDED up in the hospital from breathing in skunk spray and over the brew,,because we had to boil it dailey! We had a guy trap for us!! and he had some kind of spray at the end to get rid of smell,,but it had to be sprayed on where skunks had sprayed,to eliminate smell! But the brew worked amazingly!!!!! fresh ground coffee in oven at 250 on baking sheet helps also! I dealt with this for over 2 months! and you can not smell skunk in the house! I The spray would come up thru hard wood floors,,It was aweful!!! I am still having nightmares!!!!!!!!! If you have any questions please contact me@

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