CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4)– The owner of a gun shop in Centennial believes students should be educated about using firearms. He’s offering to get them lessons after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled colleges cannot ban concealed weapons.

Dick Abramson owns “The Gun Store” in Centennial. He is planning to offer a class called “Prepare U” which will include self defense and firearms.

Not everyone agrees the class is a good idea.

“We’ve had a good deal of interest in it, we’ve had several campuses that have contacted us about Prepare U and how they might implement it in their student base,” said Abramson.

“I don’t think some people, especially college kids, should have the responsibility of a firearm,” said one University of Colorado student.

Abramson said the court’s ruling is the reality,”With the Supreme Court ruling there is going to be a need to deal with it and I think if they do it in a positive fashion it will be a positive thing on campus.”

CU Regents are against the ruling. The university said they’re in discussions on how to move forward and approach the change in a safe manner.

Comments (3)
  1. Craziness , you all are gonna kill yourselves !!

  2. Craig says:

    This is a great idea! Why is it such a bad idea to know how to handle a weapon? Just because you learn how to be safe around a gun doesn’t mean you will kill someone.

  3. Geo. says:

    I remember the critics of the original concealed weapons law in Colorado predicting a blood bath if the CCW bill passed. There was no bloodbath, and the same will hold true with this new ruling. The students who choose to carry a concealed weapon have to go through a background check, and training. They have to invest their time and money to do the right thing. Weapons in the hands of responsible, law-abiding students, and professors, will only increase the level of safety on a campus. People bent on committing crimes aren’t concerned with legalities. The owner of the gun shop should be commended for his efforts! Maybe the next time some crazy goes on a crime spree on a campus, he won’t have the luxury of strolling around UN-molested, victimizing as many people as he wants to.

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