DENVER (AP) — Twenty-five more medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have gotten federal warnings to close because too close to schools.

U.S. Attorney John Walsh announced Friday that he sent warnings to 25 dispensaries across Colorado located within 1,000 feet of schools. Walsh didn’t say exactly where the dispensaries were.

Last month, Walsh announced that 22 marijuana dispensaries near schools moved or closed after receiving his warnings.

Walsh says his letters aim to protect “drug-free” zones around schools. Colorado’s marijuana law prohibits dispensaries within 1,000 feet of schools, but many shops were allowed to stay open if local governments allowed them closer to school buildings.

Walsh told the second batch of dispensaries that they must close within 45 days or face federal prosecution.

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Comments (2)
  1. coloradobird says:

    Ignorance still rampant in Colorado. The reporter said, “there must be a drug-free zone around schools”. Does that include pharmacies?
    When will people recognize that Medical Marijuana is a medication, and school kids can’t buy it?
    I just don’t understand this country. They would rather ask for millions to fight “the War on Drugs” which is being lost as long as the Mexican drug cartels are in business and supplied guns by the government, but de-criminalizing the least potent and least habit-forming drug, at least for medical use is still a huge fight?

  2. Geo. says:

    I sympathize with seriously ill people who feel they need medical marijuana. What concerns me is the fact that most of the time, the people I see walking in and out of the Pot Shops are twenty to thirty somethings. That there are droves of seriously ill people in that age group isn’t support by any stats that I know of. If you’re going to have medical marijuana it needs to be sold under the same controls, quality standards and prescribing norms as other legit drugs. What we have mostly now is quack doctors selling scripts to anyone who will pay the fee. It’s a joke!

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