SEDALIA, Colo. (CBS4/AP)– Two teenagers are relieved their names have been cleared in a doped goats investigation.

“I was just so excited and so overwhelmed that this was finally behind us for our family,” said Maggie Weinroth.

Ben and Maggie from Sedalia earned championship titles for their goats at the Colorado State Fair last year. But they were stripped of those titles after the animals tested positive for a banned substance.

The siblings’ goats both tested positive for ractopamine, a drug that promotes muscle growth, at the fair’s Junior Livestock Sale.

General manager Chris Wiseman announced Thursday that Ben will be able to participate “due to the circumstances.” His sister’s goat was also disqualified last year and Wiseman said she would be eligible to compete too if she hadn’t become ineligible because of her age.

Wiseman refused to elaborate on the reasons for the reversal, including on whether there had been a testing error or a change in policy.

The Weinroths believe someone put tainted food in the goat’s pen during the night.

“Since we weren’t there to see it, I can’t say who did what, all I can say is that’s what happened,” said Sue Weinroth.

“It’s always been about clearing my name and my family’s name. We never did anything wrong,” said Maggie.

“I’m so proud of my kids because they dug deep. when you have the whole world telling you that you did something that you didn’t do, you have to rely on your faith and yourself and they did,” said Sue.

Maggie is a sophomore at Colorado State University and too old to compete with 4-H. Ben is 14 and is already planning for his next competition.


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