DENVER (CBS4) – The American Red Cross is always ready to respond to disasters across the country and the Mile High Chapter responded to over 300 disasters in Colorado last year.

The Red Cross responds to a lot of disasters, but what the Red Cross isn’t as well known for is helping people prepare for a disaster.

Ray Lalone with the Red Cross says one thing people should have plenty of is water. Each person should have access to a gallon of water per day and there is a rule for being prepared. It’s called the three-day rule.

“Get a kit, make a plan and stay informed. We suggest that you get a kit that prepares you to stay at least three days by yourself, isolated from help if a terrible disaster would happen,” Lalone said.

There is a connection between the Red Cross and the newest member of the Broncos, Peyton Manning.

“He is on the National Celebrity Board for the American Red Cross, as is his brother, Eli,” Lalone said.

Lalone says it doesn’t surprise him a bit that the Mannings volunteer for the Red Cross.

“When you listen to people from Indianapolis talk about what he’s done for that community, this is just his M.O.,” Lalone said. “You know we lost a wonderful guy in Tim Tebow and we gained a wonderful guy in Peyton Manning and I can’t wait to see the impact he has on our community.”

March is National Preparedness Month. One thing people should have in their preparedness kit is a gallon of water for each person every day. The Red Cross sells preparedness kits; but you can also make your own kit.

The Red Cross will hold a CPR training and a preparedness day on March 31. All the CPR classes are free and open to the public. Sign up for a class at the Red Cross Mile High Chapter website.

  1. antone braga says:

    Sign a petition at for the “responsible” insurance industry to provide crucial information and policyholder rights (yes, they do exist) to all policyholders as a matter of course. Disaster survivors lack these basic rights and vital information in their time of need, when they are most vulnerable.

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