DENVER (AP) – Republicans in the Colorado House approved a proposal to ask voters whether people should provide their photo ID before casting ballots.

The measure passed the chamber Tuesday on a party-line vote with Democrats opposing. The bill is likely doomed in the Democratic-led Senate.

Similar photo ID requirements have been blocked by legal challenges in Texas and Wisconsin.

Republicans say requiring photo IDs to vote is a way to prevent fraud. Democrats say voter impersonation is rare and that requiring photo ID at the polls amounts to voter suppression.

Republicans tried a similar proposal last year but it wouldn’t have required the voters’ approval. That measure also passed the House before failing in the Senate.

LINK: House Bill 1111

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Comments (5)
  1. Brock Ali says:

    I believe as the article states, the intellectually dishonest DemonCrats will shoot down this reasonable piece of legislation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a deterrence to voter fraud. DemonCrats will sell their souls for votes from felons,Illegal Aliens, and other inelligibles. For shame, for shame. Of course Barry O and the MoonBat Wrecking Crew Review will support their fellow Colorado DemonCrats in this tawdry endeavor to deliberately undermine the voting process, and that is to their detriment.

  2. Lola says:

    I was watching a program the other day where a woman stated that her dog voted for Obama in the last election. There has GOT to be a way to make sure that anyone who votes is legally eligible and I could careless if they are Republican or Democrat!

  3. Dan says:

    Yes my X aunt inlaw and her Husband used to brag about how their dogs voted and yes they were DEMOCRATES

  4. Asodeska says:

    Now that will put a dent in the Democrat’s numbers.
    A lot of dogs voted for Obama. Nice, even cute, but just rather dumb.

  5. Geo. says:

    I wonder how these suppressed people carry on their everyday business. You need an ID to Cash Checks……Buy liquor…..Buy cigarettes…Buy airline tickets…Rent and apartment….Get a drivers license….Drink in a bar….Apply for various government benefits…Get various medical treatments. I had to show a picture ID when I got an MRI. Oh….wait a minute…I know how….duh……Fake ID’s and Fake Social Security cards. It’s Shameless just to what extent the Dem’s will go to get a vote!

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