House GOP Approve Bill Requiring Photo ID At Polls

DENVER (AP) – Republicans in the Colorado House approved a proposal to ask voters whether people should provide their photo ID before casting ballots.

The measure passed the chamber Tuesday on a party-line vote with Democrats opposing. The bill is likely doomed in the Democratic-led Senate.

Similar photo ID requirements have been blocked by legal challenges in Texas and Wisconsin.

Republicans say requiring photo IDs to vote is a way to prevent fraud. Democrats say voter impersonation is rare and that requiring photo ID at the polls amounts to voter suppression.

Republicans tried a similar proposal last year but it wouldn’t have required the voters’ approval. That measure also passed the House before failing in the Senate.

LINK: House Bill 1111

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  • Brock Ali

    I believe as the article states, the intellectually dishonest DemonCrats will shoot down this reasonable piece of legislation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a deterrence to voter fraud. DemonCrats will sell their souls for votes from felons,Illegal Aliens, and other inelligibles. For shame, for shame. Of course Barry O and the MoonBat Wrecking Crew Review will support their fellow Colorado DemonCrats in this tawdry endeavor to deliberately undermine the voting process, and that is to their detriment.

  • Lola

    I was watching a program the other day where a woman stated that her dog voted for Obama in the last election. There has GOT to be a way to make sure that anyone who votes is legally eligible and I could careless if they are Republican or Democrat!

  • Dan

    Yes my X aunt inlaw and her Husband used to brag about how their dogs voted and yes they were DEMOCRATES

  • Asodeska

    Now that will put a dent in the Democrat’s numbers.
    A lot of dogs voted for Obama. Nice, even cute, but just rather dumb.

  • Geo.

    I wonder how these suppressed people carry on their everyday business. You need an ID to Cash Checks……Buy liquor…..Buy cigarettes…Buy airline tickets…Rent and apartment….Get a drivers license….Drink in a bar….Apply for various government benefits…Get various medical treatments. I had to show a picture ID when I got an MRI. Oh….wait a minute…I know how….duh……Fake ID’s and Fake Social Security cards. It’s Shameless just to what extent the Dem’s will go to get a vote!

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