DENVER (CBS4) – Cars, SUVs and trucks that will make an appearance at the Denver Auto Show were on display at the state Capitol Sunday for people to see.

The vehicles have something those of the past did not — a wide variety of green technology.

The technology ranges from smaller, more powerful and efficient engines to clean diesel, to hybrids and electric cars.

The variety and advances in green technology can save an owner thousands of dollars a year on gas. They can also get hundreds of miles per tank, like a Ford Fusion hybrid that boasts up to 700 miles per tank off a gasoline engine with electric assist.

Yet hybrids only make up about three percent of the vehicles on the road today.

“There is a price premium on some of the new technologies, especially hybrids, but like any other technology, like the TV that you buy for your living room or the appliance that you buy for your kitchen, the longer it’s in the market place, the lower the price it becomes,” Tim Jackson with the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association said. “So you see the same thing in automotive technology.”

Tim Jackson stopped by CBS4 studios on Sunday. For more, read the RELATED STORY: The Denver Auto Show Is Right Around The Corner

The Denver Auto Show kicks off on Wednesday and runs until next Sunday. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 or children six to 12. Children six and under are free.

LINK: Denver Auto Show

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