DENVER (AP) – City and business leaders from the Denver headed to Washington on Friday to discuss jobs and economic development with members of President Barack Obama’s administration.

The office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says executives from Oakwood Homes, Wells Fargo, Western Union, Frontier Airlines, Arrow Electronics and Colorado Spine Therapy are attending, along with Hancock, Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy and former Denver mayors Wellington Webb and Guillermo “Bill” Vidal, who is now CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver.

Obama administration officials will be looking for ideas on how to support economic competitiveness, job creation and innovation. There also will be a chance to discuss health care reform, clean energy policy, manufacturing and insourcing, access to capital, corporate tax reform, education and infrastructure development.

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Comments (3)
  1. Asodeska says:

    A total waste of time and money.
    These people, and who they are going to see, do not have a clue how to create jobs unless it is in their bureaucracies.
    Business Creates Jobs.
    Go to the business people and see what they are saying.

  2. RickyLFerrari says:

    Companies will be barred from instituting caps on coverage when your costs for treatments goes up due to sickness, you can now get insurance with out caps on coverage at “Penny Health” search them online.

  3. Asodeska says:

    And that will result in companies going out of business.
    Let business run business, not clueless bureaucrats.

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