DENVER (AP) – The Colorado health department is rebuking a federal agency and saying it hasn’t determined if a public hearing is needed for a radioactive materials license it issued to a proposed uranium mill.

The department told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in a letter Friday that it’s disappointed with a letter the commission recently sent to a lawyer for the Sheep Mountain Alliance, which is challenging the license for the proposed Pinon Ridge mill in Montrose County. The NRC said in that letter that a public hearing should be held and that it’s required by law.

The health department says it held public meetings before issuing the license last year and hasn’t determined that corrective action is needed.

The Sheep Mountain Alliance has filed a lawsuit alleging the public process wasn’t adequate.

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  1. Leonard Thomas says:

    I live in Denver, CO, and an inusrance sales office with neon signs, parking lot, etc. appeared next door to my home in a quite family neighborhood without any notice, public hearing, comment period, etc. I doubt any fees were remited to the Denver Government, but instead they were likely routed to the hands of interested private parties.
    Uranium permits are worth lots more, and the public has an even grreater interest in notice comments, a hearing , and a Federal Agency decision, appeals, and publication of the final decision in the Federal Record. It’s the law. let’s live by it.

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