Written by Alan GionetDENVER (CBS4) – Around town you’ll find Peyton Manning lovers and Tim Tebow lovers. And the fans of a single team are picking sides.

When it comes down to it, here’s what quite a few fans seemed to agree on — “Tebow’s not going to win a Super Bowl for them over the next two years.”

And so the John Elway-guided Broncos are making their bid for a quarterback with Elway-like throwing abilities.

CBS4 asked sports marketer Dan Price, president of Adrenaline Inc., what he would do if it were about marketing only.

“Oh gosh. I’d still think you have to go after Peyton Manning. As a franchise you owe it to your season ticket holders to do whatever you have to do to win,” Price said.

Tebow, however, has been an anomaly. He drew interest all around the country.

“They were the story last year,“ Price said. “He was getting higher ratings in post game press conferences than the games were getting. He played in one Thursday night game that had higher ratings than any game in the season.”

Merchandise sales extended beyond NFL fans to little old ladies who bought Tebow jerseys. Tebowing became all the rage. And still the Broncos are courting Manning?

“I love Tebow, but Manning is the truth and he can get us Super Bowls right now,” said one fan.

“This is a pure football move,” said Price.

Winning is everything in pro sports. It’s what teams market. That’s not to take away the heart-stopping wins engineered by Tebow. But Manning’s skills are thought to be enough to get the Broncos where they want to be right away.

“His whole personality is based on wins and how successful he’s been throughout his career,” said Price.

There may be a few more dollars in selling additional seats. While the Broncos sell out, the NFL does not count club seats and suites. The value of winning a Super Bowl is hard to calculate, but if the Broncos became a dynasty team, the sky’s the limit. Shirts, memorabilia and sponsorships. Even the overall value of the team. Yahoo Sports calculated that Manning increased the value of the Colts by $233 million, even after accounting for the overall increase in the value of NFL franchises.

How many wins a year? Jason Lisk of thebiglead.com did the math and calculated last year that Manning is worth about three wins a year. That would improve the Broncos record nicely.

“Obviously that’s what they’re banking on,” said Price. “They’re banking on this guy coming in here, not to win playoff games, but to win a Super Bowl.”

“Manning’s going to bring them more money in the long run,” one fan said.

But it’s all a gamble. If it works, it sure sounds nice.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Elway is being short sighted and has already damaged the Team. I wouldn’t trust him at all. He never has seen the value in Tebow.

    1. Evan says:

      Hey Tebow fan, go away. If you’re just a fan of one player, you are not for our team.

      1. Another Tebow fan says:

        Unfortunately it’s not “our” team. It’s a business run by businessmen. Any time you think it’s YOUR team, just try to get into a game without paying and say to the people at the gate “…but you have to let me in…it’s OUR TEAM!!”.

    2. WALT says:


    3. Garry says:

      I remember just a while back that Elway he him self said Tebow will be a Bronco as long as i am running this show well i guess he F—in lied and back stabed him big time God will get you Elway

    4. Mary Kirsch says:

      Absolutely!! I joined Bronconation when Tebow became a starter. He made the games too exciting to miss. I doubt Manning will be as exciting, no disrespect intended. I won’t follow the Broncos, it just feels wrong.

  2. happyday says:

    How do we get rid of Elway? He’s the problem, not Tebow or Manning.

    1. WALT says:


  3. Karen says:

    I’m not a fan of just one player, and I think Elway is wrong, too. We don’t have any garuntee that PM is even gonna be able to play. He’s old, and if he gets hurt and has to sit out the rest of the season, he still gets paid, and we have no back up. Oh, Quinn? Right

    1. chopper says:

      not anymore…….he signed with kansas city today

  4. Doug says:

    Elway is God!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Karen says:

    Just went to the ebsite on that billboard, and Tim Tebow was winning huge. So you shouldn’t think the majority of Broncos fans want PM. It’s just not true. Many reasonable people apparently agree that he is to big of a risk, and is gonna cost us in the long run.

    1. Real Sports Fan says:

      Yes… because internet voting is so honest. Most true football fans (i.e. team over individual players) wouldn’t be caught dead responding to something so frivolous. And for the record, since when is a private business a democracy? If Denver signs Manning, we’ll see the TRUE Bronco fans at Mile High every time the team plays. The riff-raff can follow their guy wherever he goes. Same applies to any team in any professional sports league.

      1. Lewis Morris says:

        If Denver doesn’t sign Manning or you inferring that the TRUE Bronco fans won’t be at Mile High? People just can’t keep personalities out of it. I don’t care about the internet voting or any other kind of voting, but from your tone I suspect that if the polling was all for Manning then it would be an honest poll.

      2. Karen says:

        I was referring to the article, which showed a poster and made a comment that Manning was who everyone was voting for. And I’m so tired of people saing “if you were a REAL fan”. Are you seriously saying you can’t be loyal to a team and still have a favorite player?? Then MOST people aren’t REAL fans, cause most do have a favorite player.

    2. Scot says:

      Tebow seems to get a lot of support because his lemming-like swarm of supporters can usually shout down the majority of real football fans who can’t be bothered with absurd comparisons like Manning vs Tebow. It’s funny–Tebow IS a football player, if not a very good quarterback, and it would be interesting to get his take on where he fits on a team with a quality quarterback. Does he take his ridiculous followers seriously, I wonder?

  6. JD says:

    At this point, we should all start hoping one of Tebow’s greatest traits is one we haven’t seen yet – forgiveness. If we don’t land Manning, Elway has made it clear Tebow isn’t welcome. It’s all speculation, because everyone has been so hush hush about the Tebow situation – but who’s to say Tebow doesn’t want out now? Very risky, but we could very well be without Manning and Tebow then we’ll be back in the same position. Last season gave us just enough hope to believe that things were possible – not solely because of Tebow, but it’s hard to argue against his leadership of the team and determination to win.

  7. walt says:

    The value in Tebow? Are you kidding. Everyone in the legue figured out his shortcomings and the good teams exposed Tebow and the broncos for what they really are. Average. He’s a terrible QB. Think Sarah Palin. A person who is famous for being famous. Neither have accomplished much professionally. Don’t forget, his wins were aided in large part by an awesome field goal kicker, and lousy mistakes by the opposition. Can’t wait to see him out of Denver!

    1. WALT says:


    2. Scot says:

      Walt’s Sarah Palin comparison is by far the best, most succinct summary I’ve ever heard of who and what Tim Tebow is. Thank god the Broncos have taken the path of (football) truth and righteousness and reasserted their commitment to their fans. Thank you John & John for doing what’s right and making the Broncos worth watching again!

  8. Guy Dattilo says:

    Last season I WATCHED TEBOW and not the Broncos!

    If TEBOW goes……well then it’s GO RAIDERS!!!

  9. jkmilehi says:

    Oh please Manning GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Sorry dude, you are not the future for the Broncos

    1. WALT says:


  10. Mary says:

    Me I’m for Tebow, he’s younger, he’s not banged up all to heck yet, he loves the game and when push came to shove he rallied the whole team and took the to the playoffs. Given a chance I think the Broncos could go all the way with tebow to lead them. But to be fair, poor Tebow’s happy go lucky attitude probably has taken a hit with all the negativity about him from Elway, Fox, his fellow Broncos and of course the so called fans who just are looking at Peytons past and not considering he aint got much future left with that neck of his.

  11. Urban says:

    What drives me nuts is Elway and staff are waiting to get Manning and if they do they will then spend all of the excess millions they have left in the Cap money to get the people around Manning to have a winning team. But if we stay with Tebow we will not spend the money and expect Tebow to do it with what he has and that my friends is a load of cr@p. Even now that they are waiting for the Manning decision, most of the good/great players are or have been signed…..C’mon Man.

  12. John says:

    Gosh, who wouldn’t want Manning? you have to try to get him. Keep Tebow. The fans believe in him just as much as they do Manning. Tebow and Manning on the field at the same time for the same team?!? Could be awesome.

  13. Tim Rife says:

    I fear Denver has bought itself expensive grief when it had hope with an up and coming quarterback. How do you think this team is going to gel with two multimillion–dollar prima donna quarterbacks, one retired, the other already seemingly in the grasp of an onrushing lineman.

  14. Scot says:

    Get rid of Tebow! He’s not NFL quarterback material, and our team could have been saddled with his bumbling performances for years if this wonderful opportunity to sign a quarterback of Elway’s stature hadn’t come along. Ship the walking sideshow off to some other franchise and let’s get back to football here!

  15. J_Biggs says:

    We should have traded Elway after his 5-11 season. Denver and the Broncos would have been a lot better off.

  16. J_Biggs says:

    Scot you do remember that Elway’s nickname for most of his career was Smellway right?

    1. Scot says:

      J, I can’t say that I remember that nickname, but I do remember the disappointment that the team couldn’t get it done early in Elway’s career. But there was never any question of Elway’s ability, just as there’s no question about Tebow’s lack thereof. Any team can stick a runner in at quarterback and generate a certain degree of excitement, but a team built like that will never go anywhere in the NFL.

  17. J_Biggs says:

    I am going to be serving a lot of crow the day after Manning gets taken out for the season lol

  18. Jeremy says:

    Denver might as well change their team colors to silver and black, if they are going to follow the recruiting practices of the 90s era Raiders. How far are they going to get trying to by a championship? How many Superbowls did Joe Montana win for KC? For all those jumping on the Manning band wagon, you might as well not get too comfortable with your seat. If manning doesn’t get hurt this season, he wont play in Denver more than 3 years before he retires. So you will need to hop on the next pipe dream. Denver still has an average defense, and no running game. Even if Payton does suceed in his short career in Denver, he wont bring home an AFC Championship let alone a Superbowl win. I had more fun watching Tebow this year than watching any broncos game in the last decade. I will cheer for Tebow over Manning anytime.

  19. John Louis Clavel says:

    I agree with C. Lamont Smith, Tebow and Manning is an awesome and fantastic combo that can work. A true apprentice opportunity for perhaps the most talented young quarterback in the NFL and the most talented, soon to be hall of famer, quarterback in the NFL.

    Just imagine, Time Tebow and Payton Manning in the same backfield…. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tebow might just be the first Full Back Quarter Back in history.

    Besides these two men share the same kind of real humility and real champion characteristics on and off the field. True role models.

    We need to let Bowlen, Elway and all the negative Sports Casters that we want the Manning/Tebow Team Connection right here in Denver. WE WANT THEM BOTH, WE NEED THEM BOTH. Get Smart Bowlen and Elway, just envision the possibilities, the building of a dynasty a Super Bowl winning franchise for a long time to come. Get your heads out of you wallets and look to the future and the possibilities. Besides, these are two GREAT MEN! Pretty sure we can all learn from them both.

  20. Cynthia says:

    Tebow has been traded and I will be rooting for him. Nothing against Peyton but it always comes back to you when you treat someone unjustly. Just a thought, do you think we could get anything for Vic Lombardi and Gary Miller they seem so anxious to have Tebow gone, but the two of them together aren’t worth a plugged nickel!

  21. Ruthie says:

    I feel really bad for Tebow….He took us to the playoffs and played his heart out….he will only get better I believe. Certainly not the Golden Rule here of treating others the way you would like to be treated..He has been loyal and never a negative comment and taking criticism….He is young and has some great years ahead of him. I would selfishly like to see him stay….but it wouldn’t be fair to him I guess now the Broncos has hired P. Manning… Just sad to watch it all evolve. Tim, God Bless you now and always!

  22. Tom Haas says:

    I guess that the Broncos know more than the Colts … $95 Million more, that is.

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