ALMA, Colo. (CBS4) – Rescue crews in Park County are working to recover the body of a man who died in an inactive mine.

The coroner’s office isn’t releasing the man’s name, since they haven’t been able to get to him yet.

Several people CBS4 interviewed said he was an amature miner with a passion for gold.

The Ajax Mine sits northwest of the town of Alma. Officials say it collapsed about a week ago.

The mine is in such a dangerous state that so far search and rescue crews and mine safety teams haven’t gone in.

County officials had to help clear a path through deep snow so rescue crews could get to the mine opening.

The mine reportedly didn’t have a permit and the victim was trying to get it into working shape.

“We went up to the mine site approximately two weeks ago on snowmobiles,” said Mark Mayer, who may have been one of the last people to see the victim alive.

Mayer has been helping rescue crews get to the scene.

A team from the Mine Safety and Health Administration is investigating the collapse.

Comments (4)
  1. Sara says:

    CBS News get your facts straight please. #1 It was the Ajax Tunnel not the ajax mine! #2 It was the owner mining it and he did in fact have permits! Thank you have a nice day.

    1. Steve says:

      Sara, I was trying to find out more where that Ajax Tunnel is by looking on Google Earth, but I didn’t find it, since I was in that area in September doing the three 14’ers and saw one old mine at 12,500 feet, but I didn’t notice any tunnels in that area. Did you know Kevin Larson? Wondered why he was working in that tunnel this time of the year? Even though yes mining can be done in the Winter time in Colorado, it’s just less safe with Avalanche dangers, since so many miners in Colorado’s history died in Avalanches in high altitude mines.

    2. Robert Gift says:

      Thank you for correct information.
      How does anyone know that the miner died?

  2. Amanda Adkins says:

    His name is KEVIN LAWRENCE and Sara is right, he did have his permits. He worked mining year round as many of us miners do. He was very experienced in that area as well. It is awful that the news messed up so many facts about him.

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