Peyton Manning Meets With Broncos

Tim Tebow's Future In Denver In Doubt

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos want Peyton Manning to sign a contract with the team this weekend before he even visits with other teams who are interested in him.

The legendary quarterback met with Denver Broncos executive John Elway and head coach John Fox to discuss the potential of signing with the team.

A plane carrying Manning and Elway landed at Centennial Airport at about 1:30 p.m. Friday. From there, an SUV took them to Broncos Headquarters and Training Facility Dove Valley where their meeting continued for another five hours.

They mainly discussed the offense and the fact that they are more than willing to turn it over to Manning. The future Hall of Famer also took a tour of the facilities at Dove Valley.

Money doesn’t seem to be an issue for the Broncos because they have cap room and are willing to pay. The team had hoped to sign Manning before he left town, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

CBS4 reporter Gary Miller says Manning will leave town Saturday morning to visit with the Arizona Cardinals and probably the Miami Dolphins after that. But the Broncos got the first shot and sources tell CBS4 they think that’s a very good sign.

“Manning will visit other places, he’ll visit Arizona and he’ll visit Miami,” said Miller. “But at this point, the Broncos believe that they may well be the favorites to land Peyton Manning. And indeed, the first visit he’s making is here to Denver.”

Denver is reportedly the first team Manning will meet with in person since he was cut by the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week.

Manning missed the entire 2011 season with a damaged nerve that caused weakness in his right arm and required multiple neck surgeries, including a single-level fusion in September. He has brushed off questions about retirement, insisting that — after parting ways with the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday — he still wants to play.

peyton manning arrives in denver Peyton Manning Meets With Broncos

Copter4 captured this image of the plane carrying Peyton Manning after it landed at Centennial Airport Friday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

“This has to be exciting for the average Broncos fan. Certainly, this puts Tim Tebow’s future in doubt here in Denver and the reports that we have heard were if the Broncos were able to land Manning they would make an attempt to trade Tim Tebow. So there’s no question the Broncos are all in on Manning. They want to make him the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos,” said Miller.

manning billboard in denver Peyton Manning Meets With Broncos

A billboard in Denver solicited votes from Denver Broncos fans for their favorite quarterback amid pictures of Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow on Friday. (credit: CBS)

“If things go the way they want, Manning will be playing for the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow will be playing elsewhere. The Broncos are determined that Peyton Manning is the man they want to be their quarterback.”

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One Comment

  1. Bruce says:

    Don’t get carried away Gary it’s just the start of the process. Manning staated during all the drama that if the Colts drafted Luck he should play in the same way that he did as a rookie. While I see he is interested he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would want to make Tebow sit unless the Broncos are going to try and trade Tebow to bring in some weapons for Manning.

    1. Dave says:

      Don’t know about you, Bruce, but the only sentence in this whole article that I can believe might be true is, ‘A plane carrying Peyton Manning has arrived in the Denver area.’ The rest of it sounds like the reporter is interviewing himself…some kind of personality disorder, maybe? He’s beside himself because he saw Manning in that grainy photgraph.

      1. Boo says:

        cbs4 just realized they need to have a more stringent comment policy. Nothing like drudge trolls to make you realize how childish most people are.

      2. BooSuks says:

        Nothing like an Obamie lover not making any sense of anything…..

      3. Shepherd says:

        @Boo, “There you go again” with your liberal rudeness and hate speech. Save it for the political sites where you can really vent your spleen.

      4. BooStinksonIce says:

        Whatsamatta Boo? You mature, rational liberals don’t like free speech?

        Too bad.

      5. BooWho says:

        What’s wrong Boo, we’re just trying to be more informed… What’s your excuse?

      6. Postofficemike says:

        Right on. Usually the team visited first is not the one they go to.

      7. Mike R. says:

        Dave is right, the report is quoting directly what the reporter is saying, which is basically the reporter interviewing himself. Read the article again if you don’t agree with Dave. It is pretty obvious here, and made me laugh when I came to this realization.

      8. Huuf Arted says:

        Whats with nigros calling themselves “Boo”? Is that short for BOOFER which is what we call them here in Detroit ?

      9. Kaitara says:

        Here we go with the morons who thinks Matt Drudge writes every story on the Drudge Report. It’s a collection of links you idiot, nothing more. You can do it too, make a website and put links there, Voilla! Boo needs to go back to school and get him some education, his lack of intelligence is painfully visible. Drudge Report is a collection of Links!!!! Just keep eating the pablum you are being fed by the mainstream media.

      10. Billy says:

        Tebow proved he’s way better than Kyle Orton and Orton is not bad. Orton did well after leaving the horable Broncos and Orton defeated Greenbay and Orton defeated the Broncos because Orton moved from a horable team to an average team. Tebow + the horable Broncos = a better than average team because Tebow is way better than Orton is. If Tebow moves to a good team he will go to the super bowl. Manning will not inspire the mediocre Broncos the way Tebow did and the Broncos will lose with Manning. When Manning retires in a year or two the Broncos will be left with nothng.

      11. Sarah says:

        “What? Someone spoke ill of ‘Drudge trolls?’ Let’s prove them wrong by having a dozen people write middle-school insults at him!”

        Where Drudge links, so follow the Golden Horde of idiocy and harassment. Oh and nice crack about “nigro” names Huuf Arted, stay classy!

      12. joe rizzuto says:

        a plane carring the BODY of manning
        he DIED when a million dollar bounty was paid to the saints player who snapped his neck

    2. Wendy says:

      here is the gig . . .he has had a neck fusion . . .he has weakness in his arm that is induced by compression of a nerve root in his neck . . .while the surgery may have “fixed” the compression of the nerve the nerve is still damaged . . .he may or may not have a full recovery . . .will he pass the physical . . .one good hit and snap goes the fusion . . .and yes that does happen. Now if John Elway is really dumb enough to roll the dice on that, good luck. Having treated many people with this same injury you do not just bounce back from it like a knee surgery. Ever hear of a guy Named Cooper Manning? Yeah Archie’s older brother who had congenital spinal stenosis…narrowing of the cervical spine . . .his career ended quick . . .and I would not be surprised that Peyton does not have this issue as well . . .so long and short an awfully big gamble on someone 14 years into the NFL . . .this is a serious condition of the neck and even with fusion, if he has had many levels “decompressed” on his neck it will take a lot of rehab to get him ready for the NFL . . .I would use the money and but Tebow some receivers and a defense

      1. Wendy says:

        correction Archie’s oldest son

      2. joe rizzuto says:

        i didnt know archie had a son
        i thought all he had was gloria

      3. Pete says:

        Thank you Wendy. This is some very useful commentary, and the first common sense report regarding the stat of Peyton’s physical existence as it relates to his potential for a career ending injury.

        I love him as a player. He is as good as I’ve seen since I started playing and watching back in the 70s. But you’re right, he’s not worth the financial risk he commands.

      4. joe rizzuto says:

        cant wait until the bounty hunters cripple him
        boy will i laugh
        announcer..peyton manning is paralized
        lolololhahahaha good

      5. caperick says:

        good points Wendy, I say go for Manning, keep Tebow jest in case. Plus you then can have Tebow and Manning in the backfield…. direct snap to Tebow or Manning can pitch it to him…. all kinds of possibilities.

      6. Deskboy says:

        I live in Miami and we have been discussing this Where will Manning Go,too. I wrote that he should walk away as he is. Take a lesson from Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath Joe Montana, Brett Favre who ended their careers in another city as a footnote to their legacy. I too said one bump and he’s done.Holy Cow you should have seen the vitriol. I sure hope Archie talks some sense into him. His brother Cooper had to quit football after high school, never made it into NCAA. Does he want to take such a gamble? It is his neck on the line……

      7. andrew says:

        John Elway does not want Tim Tebow. It’s that simple. John Elway knows what he wants out of his quarterback. Tim Tebow lacks those qualities. Tebow has the heart, but he doesn’t have the presence of mind of the football intelligence like Peyton does, not many do. Tim Tebow is a fad, religious people will support him, but people who know football would take Peyton Manning 100% of the time.

      8. Rick says:

        Andrew, You are a moron and I say that with no disrespect to people of limited mental capacity.

        Did you ever watch Tebow at UF? Peyton’s best days are behind him.

      9. Mike O'Conner says:

        I saw Rex Grossman at UF, Rick. He was awesome, bud.

      10. GO DAWGS! says:

        Did you ever watch Tebow in ’11?? HIS best days are behind him. Florida was the peak of his career. His SEC style didn’t, and wont, transfer over to the NFL. And this is coming from an SEC super fan… GO DAWGS.. hahahaha.

      11. Patrick Henry says:

        I agree, I have had a 3 level ACDF, not a football player either. But I think the Bronco’s would be very foolish to bench a guy like Tebow for a guy that’s had this type of surgery.

    3. polly joe says:

      How old is manning now

      1. boodoessuck says:

        eight centuries, give or take a century. Dude… Look it up ya duncski!

      2. JE says:

        How old was Elway when he won his first SB?

      3. niki069 says:


    4. Jack says:

      …for the record, this article was written by CBS 4’s web editor and not reporter Gary Miller. It’s a common practice for the web editor of a TV station website to quote those in the newsroom with some knowledge of the story topic. So the idea that the reporter is interviewing himself is not accurate.

      1. joe rizzuto says:

        jack you dont know your ass from your wifes face
        are they the same?
        a reporter does an interview it goes to editing than to copy
        than to management to be approved
        speaking of reporting
        we got your doctors report as we requested
        IT IS genital herpes

    5. Minnesota Vikings Needs Tebow says:

      Tebow needs a supporting cast, supporting home, supporting coaches, and supporting management. Not to be found in Denver.

      1. PATTY HENRY says:

        I agree!!! Elway is like a green giant he’s so jealous of Tebow. What a great guy TEBOW is and how ungrateful can they get? No pre-season practice, but TEBOW comes in and takes them to Playoffs. Whatever…where ever TEBOW goes is where we’ll go. Elway is stupid…all people will remember about him was how un-generous he was to a great young man that loves the game…

      2. jmflynny says:

        Exactly! So send him home to Jax. He’ll sell out the stadium and up the play on the field.

        Come home, Tim!

      3. Deskboy says:

        Wasn’t Elway a bust until the later part of his career? When they got the new (then) unis? Bore you all jump on me, I am in Miami, I am just asking. I think Elway has selective memory.

    6. Mad says:

      i have had the same surgery and he will never be the same and think as with me he’ll need more in the future. and i dont think he can play again . you can build up the muscles around the surgery pain still there and always there

    7. rae_ekaf says:

      ron paul 2012

  2. Jerry says:

    If the Broncos sign Manning, it will be to their doom.

    1. Nick says:

      Yep…He’ll become the next Drew Brees after San Diego let him go. Obvious the upper Bronco management doesn’t like him so let him go now and drown in your sorrows later.

      1. Nick says:

        That’s Tim Tebow will become the next Drew Brees.

      2. Boo says:

        HAHA. I’d give you Tebow for a peanut. He’s entirely worthless except to capitalize on stupid religious people. That pie is smaller compared to nose breathing humans who watch football though, they want to be relevant in society as a whole by winning games, not get fervent support from a tiny sliver of wack jobs

      3. steve sharkman says:

        boo, why such a hater?
        you suck…

      4. Boo says:

        Thanks Steve! Coming from you that means a lot, especially with that excellent point you made with your discourse.

      5. mike jones says:

        hey boo, who’s the friggin troll? typical america hating liberal. go eff yourself.

      6. ben says:

        Boo would be disappointed if a Christian athlete would be successful. Not that Tebow is successful. Boo clearly uses the progressive tactic of demonizing those that think differently. It will come back to haunt him/her.

      7. gator24 says:

        “stupid religious people” … Oh you mean people that actually possess a moral compass ?? I know Tim Tebow doesn’t have the allure of a womanizing adulterer like Steve McNair, or the ethics of a dog killing Michael Vick or even the class of Big Ben, but in the NFL World that doesn’t matter.
        I would rather watch Tim Tebow play anyday over any other player because he actually plays the sport first and gets paid second.
        This “college educated” stupid religious person hopes Tebow goes where he is wanted and goes where they will allow him to play his style.

      8. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        “If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you’re a dope. If you’re a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you’re a grown man, they’re pictures of men.” ~ George Carlin


      9. Cabowabo says:


        I know who you really want ….KYLE ORTON, thinkers like yourself probably thought he was great…So Sad

      10. BooStinksonIce says:

        Aww Boo, you’re so superior to everyone else!

        How do you function with that superiority complex?

      11. dave says:

        Brees holds the most yardage in a season and the highest completion percentage for a season a super bowl plus other stuff. I like Tebow but Tebow is no Brees

      12. LRC says:

        Poor Boo, what a dope…go troll on other sites.

      13. ColoradoD says:

        Boo you be on barry o”s mosque team right

      14. 'tutor says:

        Boo? Your babble nick is one letter short. “b.”

      15. Huuf Arted says:

        If Abortion is ok and all why does Oblamer say he wants to make abortion “Safe, Available and RARE”? Its either ok or its not and if its not ok then “rare” is unacceptable…

        Oh and blow me Boo you neeger !

      16. Charlie says:

        Boo, you apparently don’t yet know it’s better to leave unsaid some things and give people no reason to consider you a fool, than to actual say/write them and remove all doubt. Your comment is childish, prejudiced and ignorant.———–By the way: When’s the last time you suited up as an NFL quarterback and won some games?———–Your hatred of God is noted.

    2. Anne says:

      I agree. Manning may get hurt again. Surgery is not a “cure”, especially in the neck.

      Why trade a WHOLE Young person who is popular and will get better? Is John-John

      1. Boo says:

        Does it really matter? When Tebow fails again you will blame the media, or the refs, or whatever you want. Tebow could go 0-16 next year and you would say, “it’s a team game, he can’t win all by himself.” Just play QBs that can throw the ball and everyone will be happy.

      2. Jim says:

        You nailed it!!! John John can’t stand having a better quarterback than him at Denver, it will make his “legend” fade all that much quicker. Check Tebow’s stats compared to his, Tebow is a much better q’back and he’s not ready to be history’s has-been.

      3. Dave says:

        Ding Ding…We have a winner!

      4. bigbronco_fan5280 says:

        Tebow? Better than Elway? You must be drowning in the Kool Aid. Check his stats? Yeah sure, do that. The Broncos were sucking the tailpipe of every team in the league when they brought John to town. You post Super Bowl Bronco fans need to check your barometers. Tebow has no talent. While a lot of heart I won’t disagree, but I have been sitting on my couch for 10 years after playing college golf and I can guarantee I can throw a longer, better pass than the former Gator. Wake up Tebow lovers. His success was a product of schemes, both in college and last year. Put Manning in with Decker, D Thomas, keep Royal and bring in Wayne which they can do you immediately have a team that can compete with New England. Draft Poe and Crick… Talk about a solid contender, fast.

      5. Horse Play says:

        You’re right, bigbronco_fan5280, a solid contender fast … right up until Manning takes a big hit. Peyton is a terrific QB, but even he cannot make his team a contender by cheering from the sidelines in his street clothes.

      6. donxfaninkc says:

        I want some of what bigbroncofan is smoking. Put your money where your over inflated throwing ability is…any amount of money Tebow makes you look like toker you seem to be…college golf…REALLY?

    3. DM says:


    4. greg says:

      @ben most athletes are christian, but a lot of them are black. since you only count them as 3/5 of a person from where you’re from i can see how it’s easy to overlook. also god is a fairy tale. also, obama’s got 2012 locked up.

      finally, tebow sucks. divine intervention couldnt even help that kid get back to the playoffs.

      1. D says:

        Obama is a dictator who signed NDAA and says he gets his authority to command the US military from the UN and NATO. Hope youre proud to support this traitor. And before you hate, without knowing anything about politics or what Obamas actually done in office, look up what Im talking about ya shipdit

      2. Mat says:

        If you ever studied history you moron, you would know it was the NORTH that wanted to count slaves as 3/5 of a person.

        Tebow’s QB rating was in the top half of the NFL this year. Tebow’s stats through his first two years are WAY better than Elway’s his first two years.

        I don’t see the hate for the kid. Let him grow into the position. He is basically coming off his rookie season with the lock out, no offseason work with the team or his receivers.

      3. rusty schucklefurd says:

        Mat, the “3/5’s” of a person compromise is one of the most misunderstood acts in American history. The South wanted slaves counted fully as residents in their respective states (without the right to vote) so that the slave states would have more influence/more representatives in congress. The opponents of slavery wanted only free persons to be counted as residents because they wanted to limit the influence of the southern states to spread slavery to other parts of the nation.

        In other words, it had nothing to do with the humanity of slaves – it had to do with limiting the influence of the slave holders in congress. That was a good thing. You need to study more history. Just sayin’.

      4. Joe says:

        Greg – sorry to burst your bubble but god does exist. You should trying obtaining some education before you spout out the mouth with someone elses ideas an morals.

        I’ve seen people say that Jesus is fantasy too, sorry to burst your guys bubble but i can no longer sit idly by an say nothing to the people who choose not to research themselves but would much rather obtain someone else’s thoughts and crazed rumblings.

  3. James says:

    OK, so the Broncos are willing to take up Manning who is a liability instead of pushing forward with Tebow who has a promising future ahead of him? That sounds like a huge mistake. Tebow has demonstrated that he has the potential to be a tremendous leader for their team. I think it would be a mistake for the Broncos to just cut Tebow loose like this in the name of outright greed.

    1. Big Dummy says:

      Tebow is an ok running back at best. Manning is a 4 time mvp, superbowl mvp and is a first ballad hall of famer. Tebow IS NOT AN NFL QB………period!

      1. jekyllisland says:

        And big dummy how many NFL games did you win as quarterback?

      2. Avenger says:

        Well, Big Dummy, you certainly have the right name! It would appear that a first grader probably knows more about football than you do. No offense, but I’m serious.

      3. FEDUP says:

        Your screen name surely fits. First of all, please tell us how many NFL starts YOU have? Who are you to state Tebow is not an NFL quarterback – he sure looked like one for the second half of the season when he mounted all those comebacks. Why don’t you save your comments for some area where you can speak from experience, like lawn darts or putt putt golf. Until then, shut your pie hole….

      4. AntiIdiot says:

        Hey Big Dummy,

        Payton Manning WAS a 4 time MVP, Superbowl MVP, etc….Manning is NOT what he was 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, PERIOD!!!!

        As for Tebow not being an NFL QB, funny, I saw him playing that position for many games last season…..maybe he was just playing 1/8th back, or 1/16th back and I missed something……

      5. Guy Macher says:

        First ballad? Your moniker’s more truthful than you realize!

      6. sailordude says:

        Trade Tebow to Jax! We would love that Gator here!

      7. acdc123 says:

        hey DlPSHlT… ANY time you have a c-spine vertebral surgery, you will NEVER be the same, one sideways hit and your ” 4 time mvp, superbowl mvp and is a first ballad hall of famer” will be nothing more than a VEGETABLE. And then just like the sorry jags did, they will have to eat crow and get another rookie and be in the same boat as now. also how many snaps did you take in your pro career? youd think youd save the whole “period!” thing for someone whos word isnt worth less than its weight in SHlT

      8. ColoradoD says:

        check out his play off record clutch huh

      9. ColoradoD says:

        did yall miss the steeler play off game

      10. Rick says:

        Tebow is an NFL QB. Denver was 1-4 when Tebow got the QB job and subsequently led the team to the AFC West title. Manning had 14 years to compile his accomplishments. You are definitely the BIG DUMMY

      11. Antilibnut says:

        Apparently in this case the moniker accurately describes the person commenting! Keep on being dumb there BD your doing a terrific job at it!

    2. Hater James says:


      What really has Tebow demonstrated? You guys are clueless about football talent. Tebow isn’t a starting QB in the NFL. Get over Tebow, would ya!!!

      1. ertdfg says:

        Kyle Orton played 5 games with the Denver team, 1 win 4 losses.

        Tebow then played 11 games WITH THE SAME TEAM IN THE SAME SEASON. 7 wins, 4 losses.

        yeah, that Tebow fellow sucks, he took a team losing 805 of their games and started winning more than they lost… terrible.

        Assuming you like losing, as Hater James and I do.. I guess if you like winning instead of losing you might prefer Tebow.. but we prefer losing; and we support QB’s who lose… a lot.

        Or did you have some other thinking here James? Any thinking at all maybe?

      2. krp says:

        And head to head on New Years Day (traditionally a day for Bowl Games and NCAA Championships) Kyle Orton beat Tebow. Tebow didn’t score a single point. The only points came off a field goal after a three-and-out after a turnover.

      3. JFFREY HOOPER says:

        R U KIDDING ME, TEBOW HAS WON IN THE SEC, AND AS A ROOKIE, HE TOOK THE BRONCOS 2 PLAYOFFS. DENVER,, PLEASE TRADE TEBOW AND LET HIM GO TO A TEAM THAT WOULD CATCH, BLOCK AND WIN. Denver is not thje team. As long u have Elway( he did not draft tebow), EWlway wanted Luck, well here u guys want QB, that is OLD and cant throw……. GOOD LUCK.. remember this Denver, next year u will be lucky enough to trade back prudue QB, when Peyton will get hurt

      4. Billiam Hillary says:

        Tebow’s last 5 games gave him that very same 1-4 record that got Orton traded. Manning even at 50% can at least still complete a pass.

    3. Lioness says:

      ‘ZACKLY, James!! SPOT ON!!!
      Me thinks Mr. Miller is an …uhm….”donkey” with “umption.
      Sounds like he’s outting himself as a non-fan of Tim Tebows.

      Drudge got the shock effect desired, I guess “NFL SHOCK: ‘ Tebow will play elsewhere’. (partial sentence, yes.)

      The “C” in CBS stands for “Conjecture”? I already know what the BS represents.

  4. jasperddbagghost says:

    Give Tebow to Miami.

    1. S Burke says:

      We would gladly take him.

    2. Old Joe says:

      Oh Man! Tebow should come to Dallas! The Cowboys need some new blood and someone who is in good with the Lord. Jerry Jones surely doesn’t seem to be in with Our Savior…. Perhaps he’s in with someone else…

      1. jetty says:

        Tebow should replace Jerry Jones.

    3. tayler says:

      I’d love Tebow or Manning in Miami. I’m hoping it’s Manning though because that wouldn’t be right for the Broncos to just dump Tebow like that. They’ll regret it once Manning is done in the NFL.

  5. Todd says:

    I’m confused.

    Why are you taking quotes from your own reporter? Why does he have any authority to provide quotes?

    If this is just speculation, why not just write it as such?

    1. arttow says:

      My sentiments exactly!!!!!!

      Get a credible source with first hand knowledge.

    2. Boo says:

      Haha, I thought the exact same thing. Don’t use quotes from your own reporter and present it as someone with knowledge of the situation. Pathetic journalism.

      1. Larry says:

        You don’t have any original thoughts. Just sniping at everyone else. Why don’t you find a guy on here and get a room.

    3. Forest says:

      By doing so the author can avoid something called JOURNALISM.

      1. ColoradoD says:

        yep sorta like msnbc

  6. MuneShadowe says:

    Anything for a buck

  7. JohnDave says:

    The colts will lose some followers if they trade Tebow.

    1. fred says:

      not sure the Colts give a hoot abut Tebow, not sure they will loose a singly fan. Now if you would understand the story, maybe the BRONCO’s will loose a fan. Just saying, read the story before you open your pie hole

      1. krp says:

        Colts. Broncos. Whatever. They’re all horses (or is that hores?) aren’t they?

    2. Boo says:

      Hilarious joke or tragically ignorant christian? I report, you decide.

      1. krp says:

        My money is on ignorant. The Tebowers are the NFL equivalents of the PaulRats. They have no more clue about football than the PaulRats know about politics, they just know one guy’s name, and they think that he is the first and only person of their kind.

      2. jekyllisland says:

        So a qb that has won every level that he has ever played on should be shunned and his fans disgraced. Apparently, those others who are not “PaulRats” back losers just like yourself.

        I wonder why the country is in the economic mess that it’s in – stupid people allowed to not only make stupid uneducated comments but they are unfortunately allowed to vote – krp you are a moron

      3. Avenger says:

        You’ll be Boo Hooin’ Mr. Boo if you don’t get your act together and become a Christian.

      4. palidin says:

        My dog, whom I named Boo, has more class than you

      5. Marybell says:


      6. Ex-Atheist says:

        I was an a**hole until by the grace of God I became a Christian and began treating other people with respect.

  8. Tebow Fan says:

    Why would Denver risk big money on a QB on the verge of being over the hill and possibly unable to last long physically? He’ll never get another Super Bowl ring.

    1. jc says:

      Never get a SB ring? If Patton lands in SF, then he can add two new ringsnto his collection.

      1. krp says:

        Word is that Peyton doesn’t want to play in the NFC because he wants to limit the possible matchups with Eli and the Giants.

      2. Not Chicken Little says:

        I think if Patton lands in SF he’ll kick ass as he was wont to do in WWII, even though it’d be against our own side – come to think of it, maybe SF is the enemy…

  9. mok says:

    Tebow will handle whatever happens with integrity and class. his owner is Jesus Christ and he will go by whatever He decides is his future. one great thing about not working for a dude or franchise.

    1. Goodgold says:

      GB – I live in Denver part time and gave up on them until they got TT. I’ll forget about them again if TT leaves. He’s the only reason i care about them.

      1. fred says:

        That’s Denver fans for ya, Fair weather only.

      2. Chrunk says:

        Goodgold, same here, I could care less about the Broncos, but when TT started, they were a different team and with all the anti-Christians hating him, I’ll pull for whoever he plays for. Any three of the Florida teams would automatically be playoff threats if TT joined them.

  10. Matt Baetz says:

    What sort of journalism is this? You’re citing the opinions of one of your own reporters in this story. Who cares what Gary MIller thinks or knows? He is not in the Broncos front office. In fact he works for this network. How is that reporting?

    1. Paul Begala says:

      Sort of like the way America’s MSM reports on the Odumbo Administration, eh?

      1. Matt Baetz says:

        With all due respect Paul, I appreciate you commenting on my comment but I am a supporter of President Obama and I look forward to voting for him again. I don’t think MSN is any worse than FOX and I think CNN does the best job of all, granted that’s not saying much. The problem is that none of us, left, right, center can truly believe what any of these politicians tell us let alone what the media outlets choose to cover based on their financial needs. The tactic of citing one of your own reporters as a source is actually prevelant on all of the news channels but nowhere is it abused more than in sports journalism. The entire field is built on the discussion of things that might happen.

    2. arttow says:

      Matt, You are on point!!! Does this pass for journalism now??

    3. Boo says:

      Prepare, the drudge army will be here any moment

      1. steve sharkman says:

        i would rather have the drudge army than the obama wimps…

      2. Boo says:

        Um, Obama has an actual army, with tanks and stuff. He’s the President of the United States of America. Please call the Marines wimps to their faces, since they are commanded by Barack Hussein Obama.

      3. steve says:

        can someone check this guy’s ID? you sound like a 12 year old trying to argue with adults. please go away and ask your obammy for another handout. idiot.

      4. FEDUP says:

        I just spent 20 years in the USMC, have 3 combat tours, and I am glad I never had to refer to obama as my Commander in Chief. My buddies who are still in may respect the office, but they all see him as a spineless, dishonest hack, who either by sheer incompetence or design, is weakening America more each day. Bush was nothing great, but I would follow him out of respect: Obama, I would only follow out of curiosity. He may be the Commander in Chief, but he could not organize a trip to the bathroom, and ‘commands’ nobody.

      5. FEDUP says:

        Boo: Do this old Marine a favor and don’t mention my beloved Marine Corps in the same sentence as obama. The Marines follow his orders because that’s what we do, not because they respect or like the man. On the contrary, my buddies that are still in have no respect for him at all, and I am glad I retired in ’06 so I never had to salute him or refer to him as my Commander in Chief – it was hard enough do those things for clinton, who, though I did not like him, was still leaps and bounds better than the community organizer. The fact that he got elected at all is proof that our gene pool in America is beginning to slip. I understand though why people like you vote for him: He gives you a bigger welfare check.

      6. Antilibturd says:

        Boo- Did you start menstruating yet? No pubes? Being a pre-teen sucks for you I bet?

      7. Nobozo says:

        Really? An army with tanks and stuff?! Are you going to use that for Show and Tell at school Monday? Just think you could impress that 4th grade girl who is 2 grades older than you? Maybe she will share her P&B sandwich with you then?

      8. Tebow Blows says:

        +1 Boo…. I go to “the sludge report” just to click on their links and watch all the stupid comments that are posted on any of their links. So much hate and misinformed people it makes me laugh. Somehow you can go to an article on FOOTBALL and if you search the page you will find the words OBAMA, LIBERAL, ABORTION, and BIRTH CERTIFICATE. LOL

  11. J Brannon says:

    Just compare this to Atlanta trading away their chance for multiple years of success when they decided Brett Favre was not needed years ago. Giving up Tebow would not only be sinful, it would be a poor long term choice.

  12. vince says:

    Do you realize how ridiculous these writers are? They say that Manning wants to play someplace warm. Does Denver fit that bill? It’s going to be Miami or Arizona.

  13. Vic says:

    Please come home!

  14. Tom_Allen says:

    Bronco’s must be getting advice from the Trail Blazers.

  15. beazr says:

    tebow is a high school quaterback in the NFL….at best See ya!
    Manning will get hurt and wont save denver either!

    1. Mark McDonnell says:

      Dear Boozer,

      You wouldn’t recognize a real quarterback if he punted you a hard one up your a**! But you keep dreaming anyway, sweetheart.

  16. Dano says:

    This is just stupid. An aging QB who is well past his prime and 1 big hit away from being paralyzed. Smart move Johnny boy!

  17. Brett says:

    What makes you think that Gary knows any more than the rest of us? “Tebow will be playing elsewhere” That is just his opinion and opinions are like back sides, everyone has one and most of them stink. The rest of what he says is just obvious, of course the Broncos, as would a lot of other teams, would like to have Manning as the QB for now. Why not let this play out and see what happens. Why do reporters try to make what they say the story instead of what is actually happening? Even if Manning comes he only has a couple more good years. Tebow could back him up and then come out just that much stronger.

  18. Ryan says:

    This is the most ridiculous story I have ever read. Let’s cut the guy who got Denver to the playoffs for the first time in how many years?

  19. fred says:

    If they sign him I wil watch every game they play and watch them loose-and be happy. Never was an Elway fan but now I can’t wait to see him fail with Manning and also be out their only fan draw with Tebow. Sign them Elway, can’t wait for you to be hung out for being an idiot.

    1. Goodgold says:

      Totally agree. Elway should not be in the front office. He’s had his day. Getting rid of Teebow will be the doom of the Broncos. Go, TT GB.

  20. Jan - San Diego says:

    Am I missing something in this story? Is the reporter interviewing himself? I read it twice and don’t see any Bronco source referred to.

    Isn’t it odd that a CBS 4 reporter is being quoted as the source of the information? Who wrote the story?

    Help me out with a reply somebody. I am not from Denver and came over from the DrudgeReport.

    1. arttow says:

      This reporting is typical of CBS. “Dan Rather” need I say more?

  21. Bob says:

    Tebow is never going to get a ring. You can see his limited vision as he looks for the run after his first option is covered. He may learn, but no sign of it yet.

    1. Antilibtrash says:

      Wow! When did you acquire the ability to see the future? You All Knowing, All Seeing armchair idiots really are amazing? The ability to accurately predict the future is quite the supernatural gift? Here I am thinking that was God’s domain alone? Tell you what, if you can use your amazing ability to win the Powerball or other major lottery I might take your abilities more seriously, but until then your just another witless wonder!

  22. Patrick says:

    iI think Manning will play as long as he can run the offense like he did in Indy. I doubt he will play for a team that calls the plays for him…..

  23. Gayle says:

    Elway is an idiot.

  24. Gerry says:

    I hope the Broncos FAIL miserably if they let Tebow go! He helped to carry their team and now they are DUMPING HIM?? Shameful!!

  25. Rocky says:

    If the Broncos get involved with this mess, I hope Tebow leaves. Tebow is a better QB than Payton and brings more money to the Franchise than Payton would.
    Payton would want all the field time he could get his hands on.
    Payton now has a glass neck and one good shot could finish him and put him in a chair for the rest of his life.
    He should have some style and class and know it is time to step aside.
    I’m sure there are a # of teams waiting to make an offer to Tebow’s agent !
    The gate and Denver fans will be the big loser’s if the Broncos do this.
    By the way Payton, one of my old college teamates helped the Giants win the SUPER BOWL !

    1. Andy says:

      “Tebow is a better QB than Payton”

      Probably, since Walter Payton was a running back. If, however, you’re saying that Tebow is better they Peyton Manning, I can tell that you’ve never watched football before this year, nor ever looked at their statistics, nor ever known, well, anything about the game.

      If Tebow is forced out of Denver, I look for him to start for exactly no teams next year.

      1. mm says:

        Andy The Peyton that Denver would get would not be the same one you’re referring to. It’s all about the future, not the past. He has had four – not three – but four surgeries on his neck in the past two years. He’s 36, he and his wife just had twins and it is a different time for him. He is not as good as he used to be. To deny Tebow for an aging quarterback with a “glass neck” would be silly.

      2. jekyllisland says:

        Since Tebow started just this year and match bot Manning’s and his record at the same time in their lives then I can say to you “apparently you’ve never watched football before making that comment”.

        Tebow held 5 NCAA, 14 Southeastern Conference, and 28 University of Florida statistical records.[77] He was the SEC’s all-time leader in career passing efficiency (176.0), completion percentage (67.1%), passing touchdown to interception ratio (5.5 to 1), rushing yards by a quarterback (2947), rushing touchdowns by players at any position (57), and total touchdowns responsible for (145).[9][78] He also ranked second in career passing efficiency and third in career yards per attempt (9.33) in NCAA history

        Manning’s college resume 0 National titles

      3. Shadowman says:


    2. jeremy says:

      you guys in Denver r nuts. you dont want a 4 time MVP? You want Tim “I cant play” Tebow?

    3. DRCizme says:

      That was about as unknowledgeable as they come.

      Peyton Manning is a sure Hall Of Famer and, although Tebow is very popular, he is certainly no Peyton Mannig.

      Put the crack pipe down and back slowly out of the room, Rocky.

    4. LJ says:

      We could use a good backup in Detroit (and some religion to boot!)

    5. tazzman says:

      Tebow is a better QB than Peyton?

      I can see you’re new to the game.

  26. Matt says:

    Could be the best move of #7’s career or his last. If ELWAY brings Manning to Denver, he better get “Joe Montana V.2” and not “Joe Namath V.2.” If #18 shows up, he will have to win a SB to get the fans to forgive him for displacing TEBOW. If he can’t do it, ELWAY risks his entire legacy…

    1. Jac Bch says:

      best point I have heard… legacy finished… Shad Khan begins

  27. Allen Holcomb says:

    Both Manning and the Broncos are foolhardy, Manning for taking a high risk and the Broncos for not seeing the liability. Just amazing!

  28. David Baker says:

    If Tebow leaves Denver, it proves there is no god.

    1. Hater James says:

      Are you serious? David Baker you need to get your head examined for making such a foolish statement.

    2. mm says:

      God should be capitalized. Have some respect, regardless of your beliefs.

  29. Rhonda says:

    It makes sense for manning to ache to beat out a Gator, something he NEVER did in college at Tenn. .

  30. Al says:

    Tebow is in good hands, JC has his back. As for the Broncos, well … that’s another story.

  31. Paul Begala says:

    I really doubt that the Broncos management is THAT stupid!

    1. Rhonda says:

      If you’r the paulbegala, go shoot yourself. If not, change your name.

  32. Kevin B says:

    Bronco’s won with Tebow, now wmay well throw him to the wind. If they do and Manning is indeed hurt and never plays to his former self, I’ll be laughing.

    1. krp says:

      Won? They were 8-8 and finished 9-9. The only reason that they won was because Kansas City had a last second field goal blocked on Christmas eve, and because Marion Barber ran out of bounds, and fumbled the ball in overtime.

  33. Scott says:

    Tebow is the future of Denver Bronco football. Denver needs Tebow as Colorado is rife with Eastern mysticism

  34. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    Manning isa 14-year-QB who is two hits to the neck away from permanent retirement. This has to be the most bone-headed move I’ve seen in a long time.

  35. G volans says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens if this transpires. “All in” on an aging injured quarterback at the end of his career while passing of Tim Tebow. Hmmmm I hope the Tim ends up on a team that will make use of his unique talents.

  36. Reality Check says:

    Apart from the fact that Manning met with the Broncos, this article is pure conjecture.

  37. Dave says:

    When panic sets in, rash decisions are made. Manning is near the end of his career. Tebow has shown he can QB and win and has years ahead of him. Perhaps Elway is jealous of the extremely national attention Tebow has received.

  38. 49erFaninOregon says:

    I’d say the bigger risk is assuming Tebow will be able to ever compare to Peyton, even with a newly healed neck. The second any other team in the AFC West regains a pulse, they’ll expose the Teboew-led Broncos.

  39. Senlin says:

    It’s perfect. Elway will relive his late career resurgence and Manning will report to a guy who knows something about quarterbacks.

  40. Michael Howell says:

    Manning gets hurt too easy and with the offensive line of the Broncos he’ll be out in short order…Tebow can take the hits and keep on moving…if Denver picks up Manning and they don’t win the fans will roast Elway. I’m appalled at the radio station The Fan who is treating Tebow’s success as a fluke and ready to trade the future for a limited future

    1. ColoWill says:

      Right on! The offensive line is adequate at run blocking but pass blocking they get an f minus. They suck!!!

  41. jon says:

    Pretty stupid to dump a stellar rookie with a huge career ahead of him for an injured veteran that may or may not last a couple seasons. Guessing we don’t know the whole story here

    1. krp says:

      The Patriots held two clinics on how to beat Tebow. The Bills and the Chiefs, followed up on it. Other teams will be taking note next year and will be following suit.

  42. Glenn Harris says:

    Bring him in…Sign him….Start him….The Chargers own this guy!

  43. Doug says:

    I gotta say, I never liked team sports, so I wresteled in HS and raced motorcycles after that. Team sports are to collective for me, and not individual enough. All I see is a dictator coach, telling workers with the only job they ever have, what to do.

    No offense to those who enjoy team sports. Play the game in a voluntary manor, but don’t let anybody talk you into, team sports to be a model for our society and everybody must play. We are based on individualism here in the USA..

    Some schools hand out a trophy to every body—teaching that you should not achieve more than any body else. It just rubs me very wrong.

  44. Scott says:

    Good grief is McDaniels back with Denver making bone headed moves?

  45. dooky says:

    They forgot to call me. I have a couple of comments that need to be quoted in this speculation piece.
    FFS….why my phone not ringing?

    1. Rhonda says:

      Because your IQ exceeds your shoe size, unlike sports writers, or as they are technically known, “jock sniffers”.

  46. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. says:

    If I were the Eagles, and this happened, I would immediately sign Tim to back up Vick as his successor when Mike gets hurt or leves the team in two years.

    1. krp says:

      Word is Peyton waits to stay in the AFC to avoid matchups with the Giants and his brother Eli.

      1. krp says:

        Whoops. Sorry. I mixed up your quarterbacks. Ignore that comment.

      2. MadCharles says:

        He’s afraid of his little snot nosed brother

  47. David says:

    Manning goes to Denver
    Tebow get a gig with a struggling organization
    Manning gets injured in game 1
    Tebow takes new team to Super Bowl Victory
    Poetic justice.

    1. Captnstarstripe says:

      Clearly Manning should retire.Several neck surgeries and he will be 36 March 24th. Are the Broncos that stupid? Besides, God put Tebow in Denver because of all the mindless liberals living in Colorado who needed one last in your face Christian witness before Christ comes for the born again believers in the rapture. After that you social justice environmental worshiping liberals can bow to Islam like you are already doing.

  48. Greg says:

    What is Manning thinking. He had fusion surgery in his neck. Is he nuts? He’s lucky where he’s at. If he gets injured again and has to have another neck surgery he could really be in trouble. He’s young, but in a few years he may be destined for a life of pain. He should just retire and enjoy life. Tebow is a great fit in Denver.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      I’d hate to see Peyton having to wear a big neck brace the rest of his life (or worse). But that is a more than trivial possibility if he continues to play. Beware Gregg Williams and his ilk…they would love nothing more than to see Manning carted off.

  49. D says:

    No weapons in Denver. Manning will go elsewhere.

    1. Cabowabo says:

      You get todays prize, Denver has no weapons of interest to Peyton Manning receivers are So-So and Denvers running game is suspect……Tebow revived hope in for Denver and now big EGO Elway will throw it away.

  50. DCJ says:

    “Manning gets hurt too easily”…uh, check his consecutive games played…the truth is, championships are rare and hard to come by…and they are also extremely profitable…this is an extremely unique situation…certainly one of the best ever to play qb…so good in fact teams are lining up to take an 85-90% Peyton…because they know with his knowledge they’ll still be ahead of most of the league…

    1. carl6352 says:

      with that poures line manning would last maybe 5 games and get carted. what made them run last year was movement in the pocket. manning is old and cant move like he used to.

    2. Roadmaster says:

      Any team looking to pick up Peyton had better have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. I would imagine the guy is pretty fragile. AZ would be stupid to take him, but then again the Cardinals have never been noted brain power much less any common sense emanating from the Bidwell family (owners).

    3. hillcoguy says:

      Unique means ONE OF A KIND. How does one make a one of a kind thing extreme? It’s either one of a kind or NOT.

    4. Casey says:

      Manning’s neck numbness means nerve decay which, of course, means loss of motion/strength. There’s a lot more to come on this story.

    5. ragu4u says:

      These guys get hurt because of all the “bounty hunters” out there looking to make a name and pad their finances.

    6. swinney says:

      unfortunately manning will leave this game on a stretcher whether it will be in denver or whatever braindead team that hires him for anything other than a quarterback coach, please trade tebow to a team that has a staff that will support and believe in him sad for the denver fans because they love what he brings to thier team and thier city

  51. Doug says:

    In motocross racing, winning was not the only way to gain a factory ride. If you stook out in some way, that also ment sdales for the sponsors. Tebow stuck out as a Christian in the USA today (how sad–he is almost alone), and a very good player. The political waves are against him now, as the political waves are not very American IMO. Tebow may not be forced out because of poor performance, but because of political pressure.

    If the Broncos ever want you back Tebow—tell the American sell outs to get bent.

    1. krp says:

      Ever heard of the Gospel of Matthew? Read Chapter 6. Tebow is a fraud and a hypocrite, and sets a very very poor example

      1. hans delbrucke says:

        @krp: you know not of what you speak. To call Tebow a fraud and having never met the man tells me you are likely shallow and a bit jealous. I hope you find strength in what you do, because what you say is weak and without merit.

      2. krp says:

        Obviously you have never read Matthew 6.

      3. John says:

        Says another equally imperfect human. Better climb down from that bema seat before God catches you.

      4. erik says:

        I do know something about Matthew Chapter 6 my friend – and Tim Tebow is NOT a hypocrite. He is giving thanks to God – witnessing and giving us all an example of how to put God #1 in your life – that is completely different than going to your room in private and praying – which I agree you should also do. There are no “rules” for when you can give praise and glory to God. For those of you who hate Tim because he prays on the field – know this – when you see him on the field – he’s really praying for you.

      5. liz48 says:

        Hey I read Matthew 6 and I also read the life of King David (a man God described as after His own Heart) King David worshiped and praised God in public that his clothes virtually dropped off him! There is nothing to say he was indecent… His wife was mad and asked him if he was not embarrassed to make himself look a fool.

        King David’s reply was that he would be even more “crazy” to show his worship of Hashem (God)…

        The result – King David’s wife (King Saul’s daughter) was barren for the rest of her life from that day…Tebow is hardly a public display like King David.

        It all depends on the heart of a man; and there are many liberals who do “good” for personal gain. Tebow will be judged by God. Every person stands or falls before God alone and we are not to make judgments that can be in error; and I feel sorry for the person who unjustly accuses any person…

      6. Dennis says:

        Why don’t you explain that passage to us ignorant folk, O great Biblical scholar?

      7. Dennis J says:

        Exactly! I’m an ordained minister and Tebow is far from acting the way Jesus directly taught.

      8. Dennis J says:

        Praising God and praying to God are not necessarily the same things. Jesus taught in Matthew 6 not to be like the hypocrites who pray in churches or street corners to be seen by others, for they have their reward. Pray instead in secret and God will reward you. If Tebow isn’t praying to be seen by others, who is?

  52. Kelsonus says:

    Abandon Tebow Denver? Nice loyalty

    1. John Elway says:

      There’s only loyalty to one in the NFL, and that’s to MONEY!

  53. Telstar says:

    Manning was good. Was is the operative word. Why would any team without a receiving core spend the kind of money Manning will cost? Not to mention the fact that he is literally one hit away from being the biggest tragedy ever in the NFL.

  54. FrankK says:

    Denver, I guess we never knew ya’.

  55. Mashman says:

    Gary Miller is an idiot!

    The Broncoa are going to get rid of a long term QB they are trying to develop, for a QB at the very end of their career (if he has any left at all!)?

    There are a lot of Tebow haters out there, and Gary Miller apearently one of then.

    1. Jim says:

      Just the fact that they are considering it, Tebow should leave as soon as he possibly can, Denver management are Morons.

    2. gmwb says:

      Concur. I’m hoping Peyton is just priming the pump visiting Denver so Miami will overpay. I just don’t think Peyton can last a season with Denvers line, but hey, if Peyton wants to try go for it.
      This will make or break Elway if they get Peyton and trade Tebow cuz TT is going to be a HOF – book it.

  56. Steve says:

    I am a BIG Raider Fan and yet I also like what Tebow brings to the NFL. I would love for Manning to come to Denver because I fear Tebow when he plays Oakland because of his versatility. I wouldn’t fear Manning as he is predictable and very defendable. Please Elway sign Manning! Amen!

    1. Oregonian says:

      Steve – How about Manning to Denver and Tebow to THE RAIDERS!

  57. JBar595 says:

    Who cares, go St. Louis Blues.

  58. john says:

    big mistake,manning is old and can not throw a long ball,

  59. Mitch says:

    As much as I like Tebow the person, Manning is the ultimate qb. If Denver wanted to get rid of Tebow without alienating a huge portion of its fan base, the only way out would be to upgrade to Manning. Which is why I think this may happen. I still get the impression that the Broncos feel trapped by their situation with Tebow. He’s got a huge fan base but may not be the qb of the future. Manning gets them out of a tricky dilemma.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      How’s that? He plays four games and then he’s out and the Bronco’s season (and next few years) is toast.

  60. Kenny Z says:

    Come to the Valley of the Sun Tebow! Arizona Cardinals will welcome you with open arms! The weather is great 7 months out of the year and we have some great loyal fans… Time for a change TT! Get out of Denver come to Arizona!

    1. Qwibqwib says:

      You guys are getting Peyton (Cardinals).

  61. Carven Moorehead says:

    It’s Very Simple. Florida has no State Income tax and Peyton Likes Money, he’s going to Miami

    1. krp says:

      What about Jacksonville? Tennesee has no income tax either. Or Houston, as a backup for Yates?

    2. john miller says:

      Just because he plays for a team doesn’t mean he has to have his legal residence in that state.

      1. krp says:

        If he plays in that state, the payroll office of the team will cut the check with the tax withholding of that state, regardless of where his legal residence is.

        When the Marlins traded away half the team after the 1997 World Series, Charles Johnson had a no-trade clause, He agreed to a trade when the Dodgers gave him a raise to compensate for the income tax in California.

        Legal residency doesn’t matter, it depends on where the team is., so your comment is irrelevant.

  62. Richard says:

    I think Manning playing for the Broncos for a bit and giving Tebow a few pointers would be excellent

    Irsay is a fool for cutting Manning.

    1. Qwibqwib says:

      I wish it would work out so that TT could be Peyton’s back up. he needs to learn how to read a defense. QB position in NFL is NOT a running position. You either throw or hand off, no running Tebow! He needs to learn how to plant his feet, stay in the pocket, hold the ball correctly and be confident that someone will get open. Peyton can show/teach him these things. TT will be a great QB in the NFL. if he has Elway AND Manning to teach him, watch out!

  63. Matt says:

    Sounds like Elway wants to safeguard his legacy in Denver. Tebows popularity was a real threat. Manning will be lucky to make it through another season and nobody will remember that he ever played for the broncos. His legacy is and always will be rooted in Indy.

    Pretty sad.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      SPOT ON!! It has always been very thinly disguised that Elway despised Tebow for his popularity. Elways is a very petty, little man, and the Broco’s would be much better off without him messing things up.

      1. Qwibqwib says:

        Elway is the best QB in the history of the game. He is an upright, decent man. He is coaching Tebow. He wants Tebow to succceed. What you said is not the case.

      2. Jim says:

        Couldn’t agree more!!! Pretty sure a lot of people despise Timmy because of the way he shares his faith, it makes them very very uncomfortable.

    2. Jim says:

      Couldn’t agree more!!!

  64. Krk says:

    I haven’t seen anyone question why they would get rid of Tim Tebow even if they do get manning…. it would be GREAT for tim tebow… imagine the knowledge tranfer and development time

  65. AZsmitty, Arizona says:

    lots of wishful thinking going on here…………lets see, Manning, questions about his durability and age vs. building franchise quarterback…..remember John Elway?

  66. Jerry Jones says:

    I’d love to have Tebow for the Cowboys. It’s high time pro football borrowed an idea from baseball. Play Romo for 3 quarters, get a lead, then hand the ball to the “closer”–Tim Tebow.

  67. bean says:

    You know, Steve Young wrote an article that said Tebow’s stats were better than Elway’s as a rookie-all you Christian haters eat CROW. TEBOW ROCKS (and he is sooo handsome too)

    1. krp says:

      But Tebow wasn’t a rookie. He was a second year player.

  68. slamo says:

    Peyton’s career is done. It’s just a money grab now…or ego…or both. Multiple neck surgeries ought to scare any NFL team, no matter how desperate. It ought to scare Peyton, too. He was the best, but now is the time to retire.

  69. Scott says:

    Manning takes one good shot and you can kiss him goodbye.

  70. jlfonz says:

    Imagine the option plays you could draw up with both of them in the backfield–The Broncos could have defenses heads spinning.

    1. jd says:

      Now THAT is an interesting thought!

  71. bod says:

    Going with Tebow over Manning would save the team probrably about $25 million a year. Even in the fantasy world that is pro sports that is $25 million and arguably the best result they could have is what they had this year, a playoff win. Full knowing that Elway and Bowlen obviously have no confidence going forward with Tebow, they got a much needed overachieving team last year and it was because of the veterans and some of the young guys, and in spite of the quarterbacking.

  72. Occupy This says:

    As a fan of both Tebow and Peyton, it should still be noted that at this stage of his life, Manning is just one hard sack short of serious danger. Then what will have the Broncos have in going forward?

    The signing of Manning is tempting, but buyer beware. Meanwhile, Tebow’s passion for growth as a QB will continue. Remember, NFL teams have a history of releasing great QBs too soon in their careers (i.e. Atlanta & Farve, San Diego & Brees, and even the greatest one of all–Pittsburgh & Unitas).

  73. Former Vol says:

    Manning is a fool and any team that accepts him can expect a has been player getting knocked around and injured where me could possibly end up as Chistopher Reeves. He has more money than a showdog can jump over and should investigate if the University of Tennessee needs a new head coach.

  74. FEDUP says:

    This is for all of you armchair quarterbacks: I would love to know how many of you ever played a single down as an NFL quarterback. College Quarterback? Pop Warner? Who are any of you to state who and who is not qualified to be a quarterback in the NFL? Did Tebow, as a rookie, or did he not, mount a whole series of come from behind wins for the Broncos this year? How many of you fat slobs can even run the length of a football field without having to stop and take a break? Obviously, somebody there in Denver thinks Tebow is NFL material or they would not be paying him millions of dollars to play the game. Save your stupid opinions for things you can actually discuss from a position of experience: Lawn darts, putt putt golf, pie eating contests, and other couch potato, armchair quarterback, commentator wannabe types of events. Otherwise, shut your stinkin’ pie holes.

    1. Earl says:

      He did not. Want to know why? Because he wasn’t a rookie this year. And by the way, why did he have to mount a series of come from behind wins? Because he’s at best an average NFl quarterback. I don’t say that because I hate Tebow, or because I hate Christians, because I don’t. The NFL and the world would be a better place if more people were like Tebow. He’s a great guy, and an inspiration for sure. But he’s still just an average quarterback at best.

    2. Just Saying says:

      Well said FEDUP! Tebow is a winner and will continue his winning ways once he becomes more familiar with the NFL game. He still holds several NCAA passing records and if any yahoo thinks he is simply a one dimension QB then they haven’t a clue! As for those who hate him simply cause he isn’t afraid to pray in public this is for you haters > “Nowhere in your incoherent rambling did you come close to what can be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber having heard it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  75. jlfonz says:

    Make Tebow the 3rd and long tailback

  76. Me says:

    How about this scenario—Tebow is young with great possibility, especially if he can improve his passing game. Bring in Peyton to mentor the kid for a couple of twilight years, and get the bonus of having the dual package of Tebow and Peyton to choose from to quarterback your next game. Just because Peyton might go to Denver doesn’t mean Tebow is toast there.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      ?F? Does anyone with an once of a brain think that Elways is going to relegate himself to the 3rd most popular Bronco QB? Ain’t gonna happen. He’ll personally shove Tebow onto the next stage coach leaving town.

  77. Hunter Todd says:

    Maybe the Broncos will keep Tebow if he just prays — publicly of course so everyone can see it and so he’ll get lots of publicity for it.

  78. John Bouchard says:

    Looks like Tebow is potentially getting the Doug Flutie treatment. Great QB that coaches and GMs could not accept. Remember when Flutie came off the bench to win 10 games to put the Bills in the playoffs; and they didn’t play him in the playoff game which the Bills poetically LOST. It was classless!

    Tebow is Denver’s cash cow. He brings in fans, excitement, TV ratings, expanded NFL ratings and fan base, exposure for Denver as a tourist destination, etc. Replacing Tebow, even with Manning, is a classless act and one I believe will backfire on the Broncos just like Farve.

    Tebow has IT!

  79. Jack Armstrong says:

    John Elway is a huge ego maniac and in the way of the Broncos coaching staff and ownership. “Here’s one for John…” went to his head, stayed there, and rotted out any semblance of reason a long time ago. Successful, sure. 2 rings, big business, and huge ego. He needs to be a GM, not a coach, or a Mr. Ed here.

  80. Yerkov says:

    So a CBS4 reporter is now the GM of the Denver Broncos? Gary Miller is having delusions of grandeur. Yeah, the Broncs are going to sign Manning, jettison Tebow and be left with Brady Quinn after Manning snaps his neck. Where do these pinheads come from?

  81. uncle buck says:

    Manning is washed up & will retire before preseason ends. Tim is a proven winner. You don’t trade a mobile QB for lame horse.

  82. perseusprince says:

    Tebow’s Legs > Manning’s Neck

  83. Paul says:

    Seriously, everyone reread this article. It’s the OPINION of a CBS reporter and nothing more. Nothing’s official. There are no facts to even report. Stating “Tebow will play elsewhere” is nothing short of journalistic recklessness. The only truth in this article is that Manning did meet with the Broncos. Everything else is one man’s unauthorized and misleading OPINION.

  84. Justin says:

    I can’t believe anyone believes that this random picture of a plane is the one carrying him. How dumb. The plane carrying Peyton Manning after it landed at Centennial Airport Friday afternoon. Big deal.

  85. Ed Zeppelin says:

    I’m sure Manning wants to hear what everybody has to say- listen to all the offers that are out there.

    Do n’t kick Tebow out of town just yet. remember what Winston Wolf said.

  86. Voter says:

    I hate to be truthful but Tebow was one of the best performing QBs the second half of the season , and still early in his career. Christian HATERS want to rule (and destroy) everything, especially anything that shows God might actually work in some people’s lives. Kinda pathetic there LEFTIES. At least I understand this is just my opinion and I won’t say…this is how it is PERIOD!!! LOL.

    1. krp says:

      “Tebowers” are ignorant bandwagon jumpers that have never heard of the likes of Reggie White, the Hutch, Tom Landry, Mike Singleton, etc…….

      1. krp says:

        Sorry I meant, Mike Singletary.

    2. liz48 says:

      God is in control – often The Lord deliberately caused people to reject the person who has His favor; and then the person who had favor was even more successful….see Deuteronomy 2:30.

      There are times when you discern that the opposition you face is exciting – it is in line for something good and a show of Power and Authority by the Lord and God of the universe. It would be different if you bring opposition upon yourself because of your disobedience and satan has a hold on your life.

  87. Seraphim says:

    I don’t know what will happen – but Tebow made a name for himself here! I don’t think the Broncos should trade him away for anything! He is a good player and an inspiring guy.

  88. uncle buck says:

    Denver would be fools to get rid of Tim. Tim sells tickets; anyone who signs Tim will sellout the statium.

  89. carter says:

    maybe as a reserve player.. he does have talent, but he needs to retire, risking his health more now that it is compromised would be a poor choice for any team to agree too!

  90. jef baler says:

    Big Mistake Broncos!! Tebow would benefit as backup to Manning. But you can’t trade Tebow.

  91. Doc Holiday says:

    Ike clanton was born in Colorado. He wasn’t the sharpest card player that I ever met. I always thought that his problem was in his jeans, and now it’s confirmed; it’s the Colorado air. It killed me. Mr. Teebow has got to get the hell out of there. Kate always thought that Colorado was a losing proposition.

  92. jirvin2012 says:

    I remember a time here in Indianapolis that the COLTS stood for Count On Losing This Sunday. Yes Payton did do alot of great things here, however I think those 4th quarter game changers are just in the rear view now. The next team is rolling some pretty big dice, the name may fill the seats for awhile , but the arm and neck condition may empty those seats soon after.

  93. mn says:

    John Elway is an idiot….

  94. AGB says:

    I don’t care if Manning plays for Denver. But Manning’s career is on the downhill side, while Tebow is the future. To contemplate trading Tim Tebow to “make room” for Peyton Manning makes no sense, at least not to me. I think it would be a mistake!
    They can pay him whatever the two sides can agree to, probably less than he was making and more than he’s worth. Who knows, he might take us to the superbowl…or he could be injured in the season opener. Same could be said for Tebow. The difference is Tebow is younger, stronger and healthier. Peyton has more experience, and that’s worth alot I’ll grant you, but experience comes in time while the body continues to wear. Just remember…Brett Farve.

  95. Bob says:

    But … won’t this mean that Jesus doesn’t like Denver anymore?

  96. Matt Drudge says:

    @BOO: I own you – you can leave now.

  97. Guy Macher says:

    Peyton had played in his last Superbowl. One hard sack could paralyze him. He’s just an expensive mistake waiting to be hired.

    1. Guy Macher says:

      Make that… “has played” in his last Superbowl.

  98. Slo Ed says:

    If Denver Dumps Tebow Then I dump Denver. I was a fan Living in Colo Spgs . of the Broncos from their 1st game. Now they are Just another chicken s–t corporation.

  99. Kerry says:

    Peyton Manning won’t end up in Denver. Minnesota has a history of going after washed up quarterbacks who can’t play anymore. Peyton and Minnesota are a perfect match!

  100. Diane says:

    Just a case of Elway Envy. No problem. I’ll just follow Tebow wherever he goes.

  101. Slo Ed says:

    Denver don’t dump Tebow for a has been. I hope this is just hype.

  102. booyaa58 says:

    Wrong….Manning was in KC last night meeting with Clark Hunt, stealth mode style with a contract offer.

  103. Martin in Austin says:

    The surgery Peyton had done is very serious and I doubt he can ever be the quarterback he was before. His neck certainly won’t ever be the same. I am afraid he is vulnerable to a very serious injury if he continues to play. Whichever team hires him will need to have a very capable backup.

    1. Earl Morall says:


  104. JW says:

    I don’t think Manning can make it through another season with his neck problem. The team that takes Manning is taking a huge risk.

  105. sailordude says:

    Trade Tebow to Jacksonville! We would LOVE him to win the Superbowl for us! Hell, we’ll trade you MJD for him, the leading rusher last year (or close)! Running backs come and go but there is only one Tebow!

  106. gcblues says:

    the obvious best choice is to keep tebow and get manning. tebow would grow and manning would not have to play hurt. they could compliment each other. manning alone will break down quickly. he is simply not durable enough for the NFL.

  107. R says:

    Please!! Is there any way possible, please any way, that we can get a two-hour special from Denver TV channels on the life and times of Peyton Manning???? PLEASE!!

  108. Earl Morall says:

    No disrespect intended, but Peyton Manning’s best days are behind him and he won’t make it through an entire season. The Broncos will have a very hard time finding a QB to match Tebow in toughness and competititveness if they stake their future on Manning and trade Tebow.

    1. alvar the fool says:

      Favre isn’t too busy right now….

  109. Karl says:

    Endless sports as the US crumbles, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  110. Lone Gunman says:

    I HOPE they trade away Tebow. The Cowboys could really use him. CYA ROMOA

  111. tazzman says:

    Maybe the one thing Tebow needs is some adversity?

    He can’t throw with enough accuracy. He’s not quick enough and takes too long in his throwing motion.
    He’s a great leader. He is bold. But man, he needs to improve his accuracy and speed in which he throws or he’s going nowhere.

  112. 912er says:

    As i’m tpying this,I’m sure Elway and the NFL brass are begging and pleading Payton to sign with Denver.Its probably the only way Broncos fans will allow Elway to dump Tebow….and believe me the NFL wants Tebow and his Jesus loving comments thrown to the curb…….A lot of pressure from different directions will be placed on Payton to sign with the Broncos

  113. jd says:

    Tebow may be traded, but it won’t matter. His life is centered and to him it won’t make rats toenail of difference where he plays — he has MUCH bigger fish to fry — but it sure as Hell will make a difference to whatever team he plays for

  114. Kim says:

    I hope the Titans go after Manning.

  115. Fair Catch says:

    I’m sorry but Manning is done. He had a very serious injury, more surgeries than you can count, all the rehab in the world and he’s probably at about 75% and won’t get any better. I really wish that wasn’t so, he was a great QB and has a good chance of getting into the Hall. I think Denver is making a big mistake and Manning is going to be a disappointment to the Denver fans.

    Tebow is no prize but he is still healthy and, as unorthodox as he is, has the potential to improve and contribute. Manning is just an injury waiting to happen.

    Manning will only last a couple of games before he’s injured again. Those defensive guys are bruisers. What’s Denver going to do then? Punt?

    1. JW says:

      I think you’re right. If Manning makes it to start the season. It will only take one hit to send him to retirement. Manning will require spending a lot of money. And the team that takes that gamble on him will lose every penny they spent on him. And they will find themselves scrambling to get his backup ready to take his place. He’s had serious problems in his neck. I don’t think the media is paying attention to the fact that he’s almost 37 yrs old and had 4 surgeries in the past year to fuse his vertebrae together. One hit and he is done.

  116. Dennis J says:

    Trade Tebow to Jax where he will worshipped like the false god he is.

  117. Mr. Derp says:

    I really hope the Broncos trade Tebow, they don’t deserve him. Elway is an egotistical jerk of the highest order.

  118. Bentdog says:

    “He has brushed off questions about retirement, insisting that — after parting ways with the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday — he still wants to play.”

    The question that nobody wants to discuss is:

    Is Manning CAPABLE of playing anymore? So what if yo WANT to do something? What matters is if you actually CAN. From what I have gathered, he is not capable of throwing a football.

  119. Dennis J says:

    If Perkins can be cut from the Dallas Mavs, yes indeed Tebow can be shipped away.

  120. MountainDawg says:

    Peyton is a 1st ballot HOF’er & one of the best QBs of all time. That being said, I don’t think he’ll every (physically) be the same kind of player. He’s became very injury prone, and I really think he should retire. He can still make loads of $$ in endorsements outside of his NFL. However, his massive ego won’t let him make the right decision.

  121. cd says:

    Shame on you CBS no wonder 5 years from now they will ASK’D what WAS CBS/NBC/ABC and why did they ever need them since I heard they NEVER TOLD THE TRUTH. No one has said a word about Tebow and Peyton will visit every Team. Your liberal basis is so SICKENING it’s hard to stand anymore.You are GONE as a media outlet!

  122. ruthie d says:

    Seems like the Broncos want to do everything they can for Manning…salary, put an offense together that he needs to be a winner etc. Why not do everything you can for Tebow?

  123. Tim says:

    If the Broncos dump Tebow, I’ll go back to being a SF fan. John Elway is jealous of all the attention Tebow is getting. Makes me sad to be a Broncos fan…

  124. Jay says:

    Please, Please, Please anybody but Tebow! I just wish the media would stop talking about this man who incessently self promotes. He’s sickening sweet cutesie/nicey. And the religiosity just puts me over the edge. Keep the inappropriate religious show at home and not on the field.

  125. Joe says:

    Seems to me it would be foolish to trade away Tebow even if they got Peyton. Peyton might not have much time left and no one really knows how durable he will be anymore.

    Get Peyton as your starter and make Tebow your backup in training to be the starter. Who better to teach Tebow, than Peyton? Not to mention there will be times you want to rest Peyton or do some of that Tebow magic on some third and short play.

    I suppose the only question is whether or not Tebox would accept that role my guess is that he would. Could be a win-win scenario if they play their cards right.

  126. john says:

    Before anyone rushes out to buy a Manning Broncos jersey consider that the 1st team interviewed is usually to set the asking price.

  127. broper says:

    Elway can’t stand Tebow. He is baffled by Tebow’s style, energy, goodness, and starpower. Not only does Denver love Tebow, Tim enjoys a national fan club that John never had. Elway’s last big moment of glory was his second Super Bowl win, and he desparately wants that feeling again, and he doesn’t want Tebow to share it with him. The only way Denver might forgive Elway is if he brings Manning to Denver and wins it all. Tebow now understands that he will live on a bubble as long as he is in Denver. If Manning says “no” Elway still might get Tebow to start thinking trade, which is a consolation prize in Elway’s mind. This is Elway’s deal – 100%. Elway wants Tebow gone. It is shameful. Elway isn’t worthy enough to carry Tebow’s jock strap.

  128. whatever says:

    i guess boo has a problem with anyone that has a moral compass and is greatfull to our creator for this life in this precarious existance where we are hurtling thru space on a round rock perfectly positioned around a nuclear furnace 90 mil. miles away – all by shear luck , of course. i suspect that he has tribal genetic syndrome

  129. Bill says:

    Mannings greatest asset at this point may be his knowledge and experience, not his body or ability to actually play the game. He will probably never throw as well as before. He could actually make himself most useful and perhaps extend his legacy a bit if he and TT could agree to be teammates and he were to help TT become a better QB. Of course he didn’t seem to have much luck helping out at Indy last year so maybe he’s not a good teacher. Money and ego might get in the way too.

  130. james street says: reports manning signing with Oakland….

  131. SNAKESRULE says:

    36 year old with nerve damage in his throwing arm….yeah that’s the ticket…

  132. reality-check says:

    Manning needs to “man-up” and retire–permanently. Didn’t he learn anything after seeing Brett Farve disgrass his entire career by failing to realize it was time to retire?

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Disgrass? How about SPELL-check, lol?

  133. lincoln says:

    Nerve damage and a fusion? A race horse would be put down.

  134. Kilgore says:

    Gary Miller has embarrassed the Broncos with his statements.

  135. James Davis says:

    We’ll take Tebow for the Seahawks!

    1. Greg says:

      I personally cannot imagine a worse sports town to live in than Seattle. Unless Manning has burned out his testicles, likes wearing spandex underwear, and prefers skinny-double-light-mochas-with-peppermint-sprinkles, I bet he’ll avoid Seattle. Not that there’s anything wrong with those fellas this describes. Getting home to a real football city is just another reason I’m fleeing Seattle.

  136. SK says:


  137. Admiral Kirk says:

    Let’s see Tim Tebow won a playoff game against the Steelers last season…Peyton Manning was getting surgery and didn’t throw a pass all year…who would you want? Getcha Popcorn Ready…Favre 2.0 is upon us!

    Peyton will just ruin his legacy same as Favre did by not actually seeing the writing on the wall…Denver trading Tebow will be just like San Diego trading Brees…how’d that work for you Chargers fans?

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m a Cowboys fan so I would love Denver to release Tebow and then we sign him…we can all laugh at the haters when Tebow wins and Manning fails!!

  138. Ryan says:

    Bidwell (owner of the Cardinals) was in Miami yesterday morning (fact).
    Manning and Whisenhunt (coach for the Cardinals) are golfing buddies (fact).
    Rumor is Fitzgerald and Manning had dinner as early as Feb 2
    Manning loves to golf (200 courses available all year round in PHX)
    Manning loves to play under a dome, no dome in DEN/MIA.
    Vegas odds has the Cardinals leading the pack in landing Manning.
    My opinion is he’s got a letter of intent signed as early of yesterday.

  139. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    He’d have to be nuts to go anywhere but MiamI or Houston, with no state income taxes.

  140. Bart says:

    Peyton on tour is really a pain in the,ahhh, butt. It’s the pain in HIS neck that should worry Elway. He’s a self absorbed arrogant old boy that the people in Denver can now see through. Looking down, God sees everything. He will fail.

  141. Colorado1364 says:

    WOW what a bad article quoting your own reporter like he is some kind of inside source for the Broncos give me a break. As for Manning in Denver I think it would be cool to see if he can still do it, KC had an old QB from San Fran who did a nice job for a few years.
    Denver should keep Tebow even if they did sign Manning the kid could use the extra knowledge someone like Payton could pass on. Let’s be realistic I would not bet the farm on Payton’s health over the next few years playing in the NFL no matter who signs him..

  142. slyride says:

    Mannning is using Denver as leverage. His agent knows using Tebow and Elway gets him maximum media exposure and little else. I can’t believe Elway would let himself be tooled by Manning. Manning needs heat or indoor heat to have a chance at playing again. The first high hit the numbness will begin again. Whoever signs him is getting damaged goods. Better have a percentage of downs played in any 4 year deal.

  143. gigiannasama says:

    Hope it’s not true. I think the Broncos should ride at least one more year of women’s good will. The only reason many of us watched football at all last season was because of Tim Tebow. The rest was all boring. I actually attended football parties given by women who would have previously no sooner hosted a football party than given their own car a lube job. Advertiser alert! These women buy alot of stuff!

    1. ColoradoD says:

      i think its tebow you girls want to give the lube job to

      1. gigiannasama says:

        Let’s see. Respectful to his mother, never killed anyone, never killed a dog, no illegitamate children, hasn’t knocked up a supermodel, unapologetic Christian, pro-life, donates time and money to charity, and the list goes on. Believe it or not, there is a very large part of American society (men and women) who will tune into his games out of respect for him even though they could care less about the game. But your lube job comment has pretty funny!

    2. ColoradoD says:

      so, it was good for you too? for tim the best is yet to come. for his loyal female fans patience is a virtue. this bandwagon has got allot of tread and is ready to roll. yall aint seen nothin yet. watch…..

  144. ColoradoD says:

    has elway lost his mind

  145. Eugene says:

    Elway never won a super bowl until Terrell Davis appeared in a Bronco’s jersey

    Elway will be the demise of a great franchise

  146. SCOTT says:

    I read that Peyton would be willing to play for Sandiego, but only on the condition that Marty Shotenheimer be brought back as HC

    1. ColoradoD says:

      yall makin it up or on drugs or worse both

  147. JDoe says:

    Elway has lost his marbles.

  148. TheVorlon says:

    I am astonished at the ant-Christian hatred in these comments.

    Peyton is a gamble, I don’t think anybody can deny that. But he is a gamble with a huge upside.

    A healthy Peyton can darn near win a super bowl on his own, and with Denver’s ground game, plus the D, a healthy Peyton might get a Superbowl.

    Question – Has any quarterback ever won a Superbowl for two different teams?

    I can’t think of one actually, Warner one one for the Rams and lost one as a Cardinal… thats the closest I can recall….

  149. Peg says:

    Is Elway just jealous of Tim Tebow?

    1. Don says:

      Tebow is better than Elway was his first 3 years with the Broncos

  150. WILLIE says:



  151. J says:

    Manning better watch out! if he signs and fails BIg John will trade him like a like Orton. Tebow did something that Orton could not do get to the playoffs. Does that mean Elway should have been traded after his first rookie year? Go back and watch the film footage. Tebow has better stats than Elway’s rookie year!

  152. Coach says:

    Personally, while Peyton has undoubtedly been one of the greats, I think it is short sighted to gamble on a 36 year old quarterback who may be extremely fragile by NFL standards. Tebow has improved greatly, is an extremely hard worker and elevates the play of those around him. I see him as a Randall Cunningham or Ben Rothlisberger or Michael Vick (without the baggage). Tebow has definitely filled Sports Authority Stadium as well. Keep Tebow, honor Peyton and get Tebow some receivers and get some pass rushers and secondary. 26 million buys a lot of good players.

  153. LarryQ says:

    TheVorlon said “A healthy Peyton can darn near win a super bowl on his own, ”
    Dude, you’re an idiot, this isn’t Madden. In 15 years he’s won ONE superbowl, and it was his WORST postseason – his defense and running game won the superbowl. He consistently loses in the playoffs at home with the better team. I’ll root for the Broncos, but Peyton is a loser, I won’t root for him, and none of my kids will own anything with his # on it.

    1. gary1111 says:

      you make good points except peyton is no loser,
      you he was playing against the greatest team in the last 20 years
      the patriots. DO you recall what the Patriots did to the Tebow led Broncos last year

  154. Pi says:

    Tebow would be a second stringer on all winning teams, and a 3rd stringer on the Packers.

    Denver would be better off trading a 2nd round pick to Packers for Matt Flynn, and trading Tebow for a decent WR.

  155. ECH says:

    In some ways, Elways approach to Tebow has never been quite up-front. The tension between potential Broncos quarterbacks now s the emotional side to have Tim Tebow, because Denver fans love him and want him to succeed here, and the more rational side that says go with a proven premier quarterback like Payton. Is Payton meant to be a Bronco? Key Question. Is Payton sufficiently healed enough to withstand the hits and sacks and face-masks that come with the game? He may be good enough to throw well and release quickly, but wiol be able tot ake the pubnishment now as he used to take it under the Colts? Is he really long-term (4-5 years)? Ought not Tebow, who has the potential and the strength be the better investment over time? Can Payton inspire like Tebow?

  156. petie3 says:

    Manning missed a year and the Dolts go 1-15 or thereabouts. They were a quality team and turned to junk. Hell, they could have gone 8-8 with Johnny Unitis, and he’s dead.

  157. gary1111 says:

    you make good points except peyton is no loser,
    you he was playing against the greatest team in the last 20 years
    the patriots. DO you recall what the Patriots did to the Tebow led Broncos last year

    1. Rolan Doobies says:

      @Gary1111, do you recall what the Patriots did to the Denver defense? I dont think Tebow plays defense, does he?

  158. uskam44 says:

    If Manning comes here, all it would take is one good sack and we’d be without a QB. Additionally, how does the team feel about it? If they’re not with him, he’ll end up being a dud! I say keep Tebow!

  159. Steve Carrell says:

    That’s what she said!!

  160. J Jay says:

    If I got paid to do this, I would be very rich. However, unemployment rules, and I will keep my ‘told ya’ so to myself’. Tim Tebow belongs in Jacksonville, and now that Wayne the Weeper is gone, and Kahn, is in, something epic could, and should happen here in Florida. God gave you Tim, and for over two years, you didn’t appreciate, or embrace his value not only to a team, but to a community. His ‘Homeboyz’ are here in Florida, and Jacksonville would be clueless, blind, and totally inept, if they did not go after Tim, with hook, line, and sinker. BTW, that’s something we do alot….ya know, fishing, Florida, duh? I told my son, just last season, that as soon as Tim was no longer welcome, in Denver, then God would make sure He would bring the legend of Tebow, back home. Jax Jag Stadium all of a sudden sells out, each, and every Sunday. The city comes alive with an unexplainable spirit, and Tebowmania, and Tebowing will once again make Florida, Gators, and Jags happy people, a la happy sports fans. Welcome Home, Tim! INGODSHANDS777

  161. Kent says:

    Denver trading the future for the past. Some other team will benefit from a maturing and rising Tebow while Denver will have a declining Manning. You would think Tebow’s detractors would have learned by this time. Denver is getting rid of the guy who carried a mediocre team into the postseason because he had one bad playoff game against the Patriots? No eye for talent, Elway. Some day you will be watching Tebow in the postseason regretting this decision, John Boy.

  162. Just Saying says:

    If Denver is stupid enough to trade Tebow then, my hope is for Tebow to come to Seattle! Manning is past his prime and won’t last. One good hit and he will be hurt again, maybe for good? Denver would be idiotic to trade Tebow, he is a winner and I expect him to be a legend once he gets acclimated to the NFL style football!

    1. hml99 says:

      You’re very smart by recognizing Tebow is a winner. Yes, he’s a BORN WINNER and a lot of idiots / haters here in Denver just don’t see that. Tebow is a fool if he doesn’t demand to be traded to some other place that will appreciate him like Jacksonville or Seattle because he has no future here with the Broncos. The main reason is Elway is his boss, but Elway resents the national attention and popularity that Tebow has so Elway will not help Tebow grow into the Hall of Fame QB that Tebow is capable of. I feel bad for Tebow because he’s a wonderful human being and an incredible athlete.

  163. NateL says:

    If Manning plays for the Broncos I will resign as a native of Colorado. Anyone but Manning. PLEASE!

  164. desertswo says:

    I’m from San Diego and a Charger fan since ’63. I do have a dog in this fight obviously, because between the two, I’d rather have the Chargers face Tim twice a year. I have no problem with him as a person or athlete. He’s a fine man, and a great American. I just think, like a lot of other folks far smarter than I about these things, that as an NFL quarterback he’s a work in progress that may never be done. The novelty (hint, how did the Wildcat do last year?) will wear off as more film become available on him, and then it’s going to get ugly for Broncos fans. That’s just the nature of the league.

    Manning on the other hand, if healthy, is another kettle of fish altogether. I REALLY wouldn’t want to see him in a Denver uniform, even though the Chargers have done pretty well against him, going something like 5 and 2 over the last few years. That said, familiarity breeds contempt, and one has to figure the more he sees of the Chargers in the same division, the easier it will be for him to figure out the keys to beating them consistently.

    Now, here’s the rub for whatever team he ends up on. I have the same cervical radiculopathy problem as Peyton, albeit on the other side. I’ve got the best doctors at the Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix. Nothing has helped the pain, zinging sensations, weakness, numb thumb and fingers in my left arm and hand, and all the rest. Maybe he will make a full recovery and maybe he won’t. I wish him well; I really do, because the league over all is better with him in it, but from where I sit I don’t have a warm, fuzzy feeling in that regard.

  165. mike says:

    if they sign manning, they should keep tebow and make him a back-up. he learns under payton for a few years and maybe he learns how to throw a football. imagine a tebow that knows how to pass? lol

  166. Beatrice says:

    Seems knee-jerk reaction..

  167. Randy b says:

    I am a believer Peyton Manning is the best quarter back of all time, as I was of Joe Montana. I see this as the beginning of the end for Manning as it was for Joe, Joe also went to another team late in his career as we are seeing with peyton. Joe didn’t go to another team with a severe injury like peyton has and one that the NFL has ever seen a QB come back from.Peyton still has problems throwing the ball, you know the main purpose of the QB. Joe only lasted two season after his trade. That’s exactly how I see this playing out for Peyton. He will sign with a team for a long contract, he last only a couple years, and that team will get hurt by the huge signing bonus peyton demands, after he stops playing. If you think your team is only a injured QB, who can barely throw, away from winning a superbowl this year then go ahead and take the risk.

  168. Ed S says:

    I guess Tebow was right in his interview. Management didn’t support him. If I’m Tebow, I’d flip off the Broncs and go play elsewhere. If the Broncs are STUPID enough to hire Manning, they deserve to watch the playoffs from home.

  169. SomeDude68 says:

    Read a great rundown reasons for this and that… Tebow and MAnning are rep’d by the same small agency (CAA) that would be BAD business to backstab one elite star with another. Unless Tebow gets traded to start somewhere. BUT Manning wants indoor play AFC pref since he knows the division, does not want to play his brother twice a year, and a playoff ready passing team with good tools on both sides of the ball.

    That leaves 8 teams that don’t completely believe in their quarterbacks — the Chiefs, Cardinals, 49ers, Jaguars, Dolphins, Seahawks, Titans and Redskins.

    I think Manning to Miami – WIN for Florida fans. And I for one hope Manning kicks A$$!

    1. hillcoguy says:

      BAD business to backstab one elite star with another.

      Really? So Manning is ONE elite star, so who’s the other?

      No matter how you slice it, Tebow is a very promising rookie, but to elevate him to an equal status with Manning is out and out SILLY!

  170. PAT says:


  171. Doug says:

    Tebow is young, strong, tough, and not easily hurt.
    Manning is old (for an athlete) and fragile. He may or may not have one or two good seasons left in him. Or one good hit (one that Tebow would barely feel) could end his playing days. Tebow is spending the offseason working on improving his learnable quarterbacking skills. Manning can’t learn to be young and tough. The Broncos would have to be nuts to turn Tebow loose and give Manning the starting job.

    1. Colleen says:

      Amen Doug! But what a blessing for Tebow to see this now about Denver so he can find a team that will be loayal to him!! Like IN has been to Peyton for 16 years. Tebow deserves that! Denver will be sorry when Peyton gets hurt, and he willl get hurt, and they have no QB. It will be there own damn fault!! And I will laugh and laugh!! We want Tebow in Tampa!!! Great weather, beautiful beaches, and a brand new coaching staff! Come to Tampa Tebow!!

  172. specular says:

    Unless as part of the deal Manning wanting Tebow gone, he will stay with the Broncos.

    If they had told him, Tebow would have been the first one at the door of the plane to welcome Manning. The kid’s smart, has virtually no ego and has probably already figured out that 2-3 years playing along side (both figuratively and literally) Manning will in the end make him a much better QB. Would love to see them on the field at the same time, or run Tebow in there on 4th and inches.

    I’ve said all along that the Broncos have the best shot at Manning. No one will be able to relate to Manning as well as Elway.

  173. Ron Jon says:

    I have a question. What kind of moron would even think about playing after having multiple neck surgeries?

  174. noobs mcgee says:

    I can see why this would be so controversial. The Broncos are willing to give up a quarterback who can’t throw the ball for a 4 time league MVP.

  175. Greg says:

    Excellent! Then the cowboys can get Tebow.

  176. Floyd says:

    Tebow is beginning to look a little like Flutie in that somehow winning isn’t enough.

  177. E.T. says:

    tebow could learn allot sitting for manning and would get snaps to help rest payton

  178. 4unborn says:

    Peyton, go to a team where you won’t create fan dissension. Please pray about it.

  179. Coach says:

    Peyton doesn’t ant to look like Favre Relax PM and enjoy life

  180. Gene says:

    Tim…The lord works in mysterious ways as you well know. God has a plan for you young man. It surly would be their loss. Good luck to u TimGene

  181. ThinkingManNotAtheist says:

    I hope Tebow goes somewhere else and comes back here and beats the Broncs with real the real talent he possesses. It’s that simple. There won’t be justice for him until then, unless the Lord Himself finds another of His amazing methods to expose the godless atheistic left in Coloroado. It turns out this is actually an intergalactic struggle between good and evil. Hoodathunk?

    1. JAMES FISKE says:


  182. ACR says:

    Manning to the Phins. Watch and see. Who would want to play football in a frozen tundra?

  183. ACR says:

    However, all that being said, compare Tebow’s stats to those of John ELway at the same time in his career. Tebow’s are way better.

  184. Bill B says:

    I am a religious person and all but this is about football not religion… and I really don’t think God cares who wins or loses in football. I think Tebow is a good athelete… but he is not a good QB, he can’t throw worth beans. Elway wants to get Payton in there so that he has an easy way to get Tebow out of the spotlight and make sure he is not starting QB for Denver ever again. This is just my opinion and all but I’ll add some stats Peyton Manning in his 2nd year: 62% comp rate, 4135 yds, 26 tds, 15int… Tebow in his second year 46.5% comp rate, 1729 yds, 12 tds and 6int….. The stats don’t lie… as long as Peyton can throw he would be better and he would help all the people that love Tebow forget about him

    1. think about it says:

      elway wants to live his years over again through manning. Tebow is a totally different type of player. You cant deny his ability to win games. Anyone would agree that is the bottom line…Winning games.

  185. ThinkingManNotAtheist says:

    There you have it.

  186. ThinkingManNotAtheist says:

    Down here Romo looks good “on paper” i.e. the stats and he hasnt won as much as either of them.

    1. Bill B says:

      The thing is… Peyton has a lot of wins to go along with those stats

  187. David NFL says:

    Many wonder why anyone is considering Peyton Manning.. His injuries were so severe that he cannot play anymore. He’s one solid hit away from being hospitalized forever. Like many stars, late in their career, he doesn’t know when to call it quits. Attention all NFL teams Peyton is not going to quarterback any team ever again.

    1. Just Saying says:

      Manning should be smart and retire before taking even one snap or the only snap he will be hearing is his neck! Then he may end up like Reeves did in a wheelchair sucking his meals through a straw?

  188. ron says:

    Joe Montana Left the Niners and did ok. Manning will not last long and would it not be interesting if Tewbo is the next Elway. With no receivers he did darn good.

  189. Steve says:

    Tim still has a way to go. Learning from Manning for a year or two can only make him better.

    Besides, Manning is not going to Denver…it’s too cold and Manning is too old to change his ways.

  190. Colleen says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with the NFL and the very reason I got rid of my season tickets for the Bucs here in Tampa Florida three years ago. NO LOYALTY!! These teams DO NOT care about their players! These guys go on the field and play their hearts and get hurt for the team and the fans, even winning Superbowls and they are thrown out like trash! This is a perfect example. Tim Tebow comes in and saves the season that was on the brink of disaster and look how he is repaid?!! Denver Broncos and John Elway are fools if they let Tim Tebow go for an injuried washed out QB Peyton Manning!! I love Peyton but he is done! COME TO TAMPA TEBOW WE NEED A QB!!

  191. think about it says:

    haha Elway is a nut… swapping out TT for Manning. Manning is broken dwn and next year will prove it. Plus Elway just wants to live again through his QB If TT is traded I look forward to seeing TT in next years playoffs and watching the broncos sitting on the sidelines. Elway is making a mistake….

  192. David NFL says:

    Hey atheists out there who put down Tim Tebow’s faith in Christianity. All of you guys believe in evolution. Explain to me this guys , DNA , incredibly complex, existed in all things from DAY 1. All life. has DNA.. Even ancient apes and Neanderthals had DNA. It didn’t take millions of years to evolve. Kind of blows the Evolution idea all to hell so to speak.

  193. Colleen says:

    Amen Doug! But what a blessing for Tebow to see this now about Denver so he can find a team that will be loayal to him!! Like IN has been to Peyton for 16 years. Tebow deserves that! Denver will be sorry when Peyton gets hurt, and he willl get hurt, and they have no QB. It will be there own damn fault!! And I will laugh and laugh!! We want Tebow in Tampa!!! Great weather, beautiful beaches, and a brand new coaching staff!

  194. mycousinvinny38 says:

    Indianapolis Colts hold the “inside knowledge” of Manning’s physical condition.

    They are passing on him. I wouldn’t ignore that.

  195. edwardo says:

    WORST case, they sign Manning, and he gets hurt again in the first season, then what! they are going for the short term at the expense of the long haul. But, it is clear they think TEbow will never be able to pass. They have invested in him, but are quick to trash that investment as a lose. They will keep the third string QB, whats his name?!!!!! OMG. Manning will want a front line in front of him, he does not want to get beat up, the way Tebow did! he will go elsewhere that has a front line.

  196. dano says:

    I don’t believe Tebow has that much trade value in the NFL. If the Broncos did sign Manning Tebow will be riding the pine and also might learn something from having Manning around. If Tebow doesn’t like that, he will probably be cut.

    1. One Eyed Jack says:

      There are more than a few teams who would pay a premium for Tebow and if you don’t believe that then I have some beach front real estate to sell you in Arizona, I will even throw in the London Bridge! lol

  197. Vincente says:

    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic quarterback. Peyton Manning will be that quarterback. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

  198. Ryan P says:

    I’m sensing that they’re just going to use Peyton as a puppet to show T-Bow how it’s done… I’m a Patriots fan and as much as I dislike Peyton, he was an incredible QB.

    1. Just Saying says:

      The operational being “WAS”

  199. Funcub says:

    Whoever gets Manning, if he doesn’t get hurt can clear a place for the Lombardi trophy.

  200. Minnesota Vikings Needs Tebow says:

    Tebow Needs a BETTER PLACE to play than DENVER with John BELTWAY as his oversized shadow. I suggest the city of Denver show their approval to BELTWAY by not buying any of those cars sitting at his dealership and not eating at his restaurant.

  201. rtnorm says:

    Payton, please come to Dallas…we have the best stadium and the best cheerleaders in the world, but we definately need QB help.

  202. rtnorm says:

    Payton, if you can’t come to Dallas…please send Tebow!

  203. horus mazinga says:

    Tebow may not be all that great but he has delivered and Denver would be fool to drop him until after this coming season. This isn’t a good play for them.

  204. ayel says:

    tebow is garbage, trade him for large pizza and sign Manning already

  205. Just Saying says:

  206. Kaitara says:

    Let’s see… go with a nearly 40 year old, or a young 25 year old… nothing a little glucosaming and chondroitin won’t help. 😛

    1. ayel says:

      I would take Manning at 45 over tebow at 25, Manning is just better in every single facet of the game except running.

      1. Just Saying says:

        My granny could outlast Manning and she doesn’t have a hardware store holding her neck together! lol

      2. ayel says:

        Just saying, your granny also has a better throwing motion and accuracy than Tebow.

      3. Tebow sucks says:

        @Ayel … +1 I lol ‘d

  207. Kaitara says:

    They just can’t take the anti-religious nuts, even if it means winning.

  208. Just Saying says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see Elway’s reaction when some 300 lb defensive lineman or end blindsides Manning and snaps that neck? On the other hand Tebow can come to Seattle, we need a good QB and winning is enough!!!

    1. Tebow sucks says:

      I am a fortune teller, and in your future when Tebow goes to Seattle (haha.. yeah, like they would even want him) you are going to be severely disappointing and I see suicidal thoughts running through your head when he chokes because the rest of the team blows and can’t be his crutch like the Bronco’s were. In layman’s terms… Your future looks GRIMM.. lol.

  209. Jofus says:

    It would be a mistake for the Denver Broncos to let Tim Tebow go.

    He’s going to only get better.

    Let Peyton go somewhere else.

    1. Tebow sucks says:

      hahahahahahahahahaha… wow. what a terrible comment. Denver CAN’T WAIT to get rid of him, and you know NOBODY else is going to want him… He suck. Your second coming is a flop. Besides… you shouldn’t be worshiping false idols.

  210. JohnS says:

    Manning has enough money and he is likely to wind up in a wheelchair sooner than later after those cervical fusion operations ans a bunch of hard sacks. He most probably has lost cervical flexibility and will have a harder time picking up secondary receivers. This is a BIG gamble besides being total ingrates to a guy they pulled in late, with NO pro experience who brought them to the playoffs. Sure his skills need honing, but he is young, smart, dedicated and ethical. Wait a minute, that may be the problem. No room for ethics, loyalty or respect in the NFL, is there?

  211. Maverick1 says:

    We went through this in KC in the 90s with Joe Montana, who had won multiple Super Bowls, not just one. Manning is 35 years old folks…35 years old! He’s coming off a year in a Lazy Boy with a remote. It takes a whole team to win a Super Bowl, not just one former great athlete. He’s one and done so if you get him you better go all the way because there is no act two to this play. Also, if the rumors, and that’s all they are, about Tebow being traded are true should Manning end up in Denver, you have set your future back years. Bring it on Broncos. With the Chiefs defense you’ll face this next year we’ll pick you apart. Waste your money on short term hopes andf mortgage your future by casting real potential for the future to what you hope will be the ash-heap of football history. Didn’t Elway say recently Tebow is our man for the long haul? But this article could be wrong in regards to Denver’s plans for Tebow. BTW, Joe Montana got us to the AFC Championship game but you know what…WE LOST, Joe left and we’re still looking to rebuild. Lots of luck Broncos. We hope you get Manning. We want to win another Super Bowl so I hope we pass on the opportunity.

  212. Billy says:

    Tebow proved he’s way better than Kyle Orton and Orton is not bad. Orton defeated Greenbay and the Broncos after he was put on a halfway decent team. Clearly Tebow is great but the rest of the Broncos team needs improvment. If Tebow moves to a good team he will go to the super bowl. Manning will not inspire the mediocre Broncos the way Tebow did and the Broncos will lose with Manning. When Manning retires in a year or two the Broncos will be left with nothng.

  213. FN Cee says:

    If you were Peyton Manning, wouldn’t your most important requirement be trying to save your neck? … and that just could be translated to thinking really hard about a great offensive line.

  214. Ben C says:

    A plane carrying Manning and Elway landed at Centennial Airport at about 1:30 p.m. Friday. From there, an SUV took them to Broncos Headquarters and Training Facility Dove Valley

    Private Plan? SUV? President Obama will NOT be happy.

    1. Tebow sucks says:

      Wow… what the f…. how does this comment have ANYTHING to do with Tebow or Manning. Love you drudge readers. You never cease to amaze and give me something to laugh at EVERYDAY! hahaha.

  215. Bigdog says:

    Lets hope Peyton has more integrity than John ELway.

  216. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    Peyton’s a pussey, not a QB. This would be Bronco suicide. Let AZ take out the trash.

    1. AMisEnemigos says:


  217. QuietDanTN says:

    Send the amazing Tim Tebow to Nashville so he and Taylor Swift can date & get married — o that between them, they can win multiple Superbowls, earn multiple Grammies, have an army of kids, run for the Senate and/or the House, become President & First Lady, (Or President and First Dude), win the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature, make the world safe for democracy and re-establish Paradise on Earth.

  218. Archy says:

    Send Tebow to Dallas. We need a QB here. Badly.

  219. Diane says:

    Elway is quite a leader and morale builder. He succeeded in bringing fans together like Obama brought the country together.

    1. Robert Griffin III says:

      Ha, great comment, Diane. Hope and change, Baby I’m playing for Washington. Did you hear?

  220. Joan says:

    1. I am STILL WAITING for an accurate comparison of all new draft pick starting QB’s first one and two year game stats compared to Tebow’s.
    2. How many QB draft picks are wonderful starters compared to those who
    are back-ups and have several years to adjust? REAL NUMBERS PLEASE.
    3. The liberal media ( including sports media) wants to have a REAL MAN who
    bets on dog fights or beats up his wife to keep the excitement going.

  221. EBL says:

    Peyton Manning is literally putting his life on the line. His neck injury is really that potentially bad.

    Peyton could have a season or two of great play left. Or not if he is re-injured.

  222. Robert Griffin III says:

    Manning will be playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers before he plays for Dain-burr.

  223. Art Donovan says:

    Andrew is exactly right, Rick. Elway doesn’t want Tebow. Lordie, it’s sort of obvious at this point, isn’t it? I mean, he’s jumping at the chance to sign a 36 year old with a bad neck. C’mon Rickie. Rex Grossman looked pretty good at UF, too. If you’re gonna slam others, it’s much more effective if you don’t say stupid things yourself.

  224. Jim Irsay says:

    My old man always said Elway wasn’t too bright, but this is great. I mean, I’ve banked Andrew Luck’s signing bonus and if Denver signs Manning, all is forgiven John Boy. Thank you.

  225. ChiefSeattle says:

    The Donkeys taking Manning?? It’s too good to be true.

    Chiefs fan.

  226. ChiefSeattle says:

    I’m liking it pretty good if we keep Orton and you guys take Manning. One good crunch, and he’s done.

    No one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever accused Elway of being a genius.

  227. joe rizzuto says:

    first of all denver as a city sucks ok?
    lets hope manning gets hit and becomes a parapalegic
    one hit by the bounty hunting saits is all it takes
    than we will see peyton drooling and using a pencil to communicate in his whwwlchair

  228. RickyG says:

    Elway will become the Isaiah Thomas of football management. Great player, rookie management. Not only will Peyton suck and fear a thump to the neck after he starts getting hit, Elway will reveal himself as a toad who gets run out of town. Elway hasn’t learned the NFL is an entertainment business. Tebow should go to the KC Chiefs where he can both get to the Super Bowl and beat the Broncos in the process.

  229. joe rizzuto says:

    peyton manning is Dead
    he died after a vicious hit by a new orleans saints player
    you can see in this video the vicious snap to his head
    heres a close up of his head flopping around

  230. joe rizzuto says:

    more on mannings death
    the saints are paying a million dollars to the player who hit manning
    doctors say the brutal hit literally separated the head from the spinal chord
    I cant wait for the funeral folks

  231. joe rizzuto says:

    this just in tim tebow was not tebowing as first thought
    a close up of where he was kneeling show pentagrams
    and that wasnt john 3 16 but 666
    tim tebow was satan come to earth like christ did

  232. Tony Romo says:

    Tebow needs to pray to the magical sky wizard more!!!

  233. Douglas says:

    Who cares. Football and basketball look like a controlled prison breakout just happened on the court and field. Bunch of thugs and gangster want a be’s. It’s like watching a reality show for prisons. Reggins is guess

    1. you are terrible says:

      another hate filled comment from a racist drudge reader. subtext subtext subtext. Why don’t you stop being suck a scared closet racist and just come out and say it. all you drudge readers are the same… closet racist… nothing but a bunch of scared repubs that have to hide their views in subtext.

  234. MZ says:

    Manning should just sit tight. In 2, maybe 3 years, the Vikings will be looking to make him their QB of the future.

  235. Todd says:

    Elway comes off looking like a back-stabbing, undermining control freak. What better way to ruin morale than to put someone like that in charge of football operations?

  236. Tommy says:

    I watched Tebow some this past season and even though I want him to be successful he just did not throw the ball very well and I don’t see him having as good a year as he did this past season. I was surprised they made the playoffs with his statistics. On the other hand I think any team is taking a huge chance signing Manning because of his injuries and I if signed there should be NO guaranteed money.

  237. Jeff says:

    I’m from Indy. Manning is a great guy, and like Tim Tebow has given a lot to worthy causes like his millions for support for Saint Vincent’s Hospital. I am afraid that with his neck injury, however, that he may be damaged goods and honestly will probably not become the dream quarterback that Elway is so insistent upon having. They would be foolish to offer him an exorbitant pay and then have to bench him like he was with the Colts last year. Elway already HAS a rookie QB who was better even than he was–as a rookie–in Tebow! pay Tim well and get him a good rookie backup and continue to run with it. He will be a Superbowl winner someday…whether in Denver, or elsewhere!

  238. Rocky K2 says:

    What go’s around..comes around. ..and jackal Elway is soon to get his. He refused to play in Baltimore and ditacted his journey to Denver, where he lost more Super Bowls than he won. Now, its time for Tebowl to invite Big John to lunch and order him a couple of dog tirds and tell him where teh sun don’t shine and demand a trade to get out of rotten Denver, where Elway will eventually drop into the sewer of the city and finally understand what LOYALTY reallly mens. Go for it Tim….take en down …becaue Manning aint’ coming.

    1. You sir, are an idiot. says:

      I seriously lol’d at this comment. First off “demand a trade”??? bahahah… They already have decided to dump his crutch playing a**. Denver knew he was nothing but hype from the republican party and know they have a playoff winning team WITHOUT HIM, and would have won with a SEMI DECENT QB. They needed a better QB and they are BLATANTLY showing that they do not want him around anymore. They are flaunting Manning around and he hasn’t even COMMITTED!! Thats a slap in the face and they don’t care, so I don’t think that he is in ANY PLACE to demand ANYTHING. They don’t want him and I feel bad for the next team that gets his overhyped a**.

  239. Ss says:

    Teabow had such average stats as a qb..comeon…let’s get real here

    1. YAY, the Broncos are going to dump this POS says:

      Drudge readers no longer are in touch with reality… Therefor, the cannot “get real”. Its a sad situations in their households, and I feel bad for anyone who has to talk sports with them, because they have to heard about how Tebow is the actual second coming of Christ in their opinions. Also, how it was Obama’s fault that the Broncos didn’t make to and win the Superbowl.

  240. rc0213 says:

    I don’t think Tebow should leave Denver if Manning ended up with the Broncos. Tebow could learn a lot from Manning and that would be invaluable. But, Tebow has been working hard at his skillset, so whevever he ends up at next year will be happy with having him.


    Don’t all of you Sludge Report readers realize that worshiping a false idol is against Christianity?? It is SCARY how Matt Drudge has turned this failure into the mascot of the Republican party?? Or are half of you just in love with him and want to take him on a date. It’s a little weird how you guys are in love with this QB who has shown that the rest ’11 Broncos were the ONLY reason that they made it to the playoffs and that the credit was given to the only person on the team that was holding them back because of BIASED right wing “news” organizations such as FOX and the headline twisting SLUDGE REPORT???

  242. Broncos Snonkos says:

    The losses the broncos had won’t be fixed by simply changing quarterbacks. Besides Orange isn’t his color.

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