BOULDER, Colo (CBS4)– The massive solar flare continues to hit the Earth Thursday afternoon with no major problems with power grids, GPS or other technologies.

The electromagnetic fields reached us at about 4 a.m. The sun is in the middle of a very active cycle and it flared Tuesday.

That sent the largest flare toward the Earth in five years following a similar size flare that hit in January.

A stronger storm caused massive power outages in Canada in 1989. Scientists don’t believe we’ll see that sort of problem in Colorado.

“The power grid in Colorado sits on rock that helps conduct away from these unwanted currents,” said National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spokesman Joe Kunches.

Even though things are calm in the face of the storm, scientists do warn that could change. They will continue to monitor power systems in case of any glitches.

The sun’s 11 year cycle will reach peak storminess next year.

  1. Rayco says:

    I love Sarah’s suggestion too! LOL. And I will have to emeembrr that .to talk about the weather. I find that alot of time I start humming to myself. I guess it keeps my mouth busy when I know I shouldn’t be saying anything and it helps to get my mind on something else. Sometimes it doesn’t work so well thought .but I am much better then when I was younger. Hope you don’t gain to much weight when you eat all those M & M’s. LOL

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