DENVER (CBS4) – A woman has died when her car rolled at Denver International Airport Sunday night.

Police say the crash happened when she was returning to the terminal on the southeast ramp late. She was thrown from the Jeep she was driving and died.

Police said the victim was not wearing her seat belt.

Comments (3)
  1. Wayne Walters says:

    did it mention that she was driving at a speed greater than that posted, or that there was a freak wind that blew her off the road, or that there was no appearant reason for the accident. Lame reporting.

    1. Vicki M. says:

      Wayne, do you know this young woman’s name? I didn’t know her well but am a neighbor and wondered if there was an obit published anywhere.
      Such a shame, such a great loss.

  2. John says:

    I could be wrong, but isn’t the first picture from Super Bowl XLI? I rbemmeer seeing Peyton sitting on the sideline with his helmet on a couple times against the Vikings this past week, but he kept going behind a rookie line and made plays when it mattered. I wouldn’t bet against him.

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