FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) — Two Fort Collins women who reported they may have been drugged and sexually assaulted now face charges of extortion and attempting to influence a public servant.

Authorities said Friday that 36-year-old Lynnea Dawn Graves and 32-year-old Jada Simone Holloway surrendered to police on Wednesday.

Phone listings could not be found for either woman. It wasn’t clear whether they had attorneys.

Authorities say the women told police they had gone to a concert in Loveland on Jan. 15 and awoke in the next morning in a Fort Collins hotel. They said they couldn’t remember anything in between.

Police say they interviewed three men who were recorded with the women on surveillance video from the hotel lobby and concluded the parties had engaged in consensual sexual activity.

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  1. facebooksucks says:

    women, you are going to pay back all those so called virtues, and all those judges who took men’s families away from them because it was so politically correct…..cowards!! This is not the last case in Fort Collins, where women like this have attempted to destroy men’s lives….you can thank the Duke lynch mob for this type correctness. What makes judges think men are always the problem? Probably that A they got in women’s studies and from Bill Clinton’s anti male laws….

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