DENVER (CBS4)– Sen. Michael Bennet voted with his party against the Blunt Amendment on Thursday. The amendment would have allowed employers and insurers to opt out of parts of health care they found morally objectionable.

Bennet, a Colorado Democrat, said the context of the debate is wrong during discussion on Capitol Hill.

“And we sit here and wonder why the U.S. Congress is stuck at an approval rating of 11 percent. Maybe it’s because we’re talking about contraception in the context of a transportation bill,” said Bennet.

Watch Bennet’s entire speech on the Senate floor in the YouTube video below.

Bennet also said he objects to the bill because it is so broadly written. It would allow insurers and companies to reject coverage for virtually any reason.

“In my home state of Colorado I have held hundreds of town hall meetings, in the red parts of the state and the blue parts of the state, and I don’t remember a single time this issue, this issue that is of concern with this amendment, has been raised by anybody. By anybody! In three years. I can tell you what people in Colorado are concerned about. They’re concerned that we aren’t spending our time creating more jobs for them, more jobs in the 21st century in this country. Or how to fix this nation’s debt or deficit. Or how we pass a bipartisan transportation bill that creates immediate jobs and fixes a crumbling infrastructure,” said Bennet.

Comments (4)
  1. Jim Blume says:

    How many town hall meetings since the Obama mandate and the compromise? Please let me know when your next one is Senator and I think you will have many people asking questions?

  2. John Q. Public says:

    Hick and Ritter`s pal is a disgrace ..this Man`s “History” in Colorado is less than 10 years. Now He`s a Senator? kinda` like Barry. outta` nowhere. . I would have loved to be a Fly on the wall when Ritter appointed Bennet, With Stryker,Gill, Polis and Bridges telling Ritter “How thing`s are gonna`be”

  3. Asodeska says:

    This idiot who was elected to represent us does not recognize the great wrong that was done by the leader of his party, another idiot, in trying to force me to pay for your contraception and to force Catholics who do not believe in it, to also pay for it?

    1. Alicia says:

      Then I shouldn’t have to pay for heart surgery for a smoker, or for someone who refuses to exercise. I souldn’t have to pay for someone’s viagra either.. Face it, it’s all about putting the “little woman” in her place. Catolics also engage in trying to pass legislation which affects all women by denying healthcare to pregnant women via the personhood bill. Hypocrites.

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