DENVER (CBS4) – This time of year can be extremely tough on vehicles because of the number of potholes on city streets and highways.

The alternating cold and then warm temperatures such as we’ve seen in February can make for a mess on the roads because the asphalt keeps contracting and expanding.

“They are pretty much all over the place,” UPS driver Mike Robinson told CBS4. “I see them getting increasingly worse with the weather. I see the city crews — they are out in my area trying to repair them but it’s a slow process.”

Denver Public Works crews say they are filling between 300 and 400 potholes every day.

“We generally fill about 100,000 potholes throughout the year,” Public Works spokeswoman Christine Downs said. “And now we’re filling about 400 a day on a nice day like today.”

If the weather stays warm for a stretch, workers say that could increase the number of potholes.

CBS4 took a look at the potholes on some of the side streets in Denver. Watch Dominic Garcia’s report below:

Denver Public Works says Denver-area drivers can help them keep up with trouble spots by calling 311 and reporting any bad potholes. They also have an app that lets drivers report a number of road problems, including potholes.

Get more information at the Denver Public Works website.

Comments (3)
  1. Nikita says:

    The method used to repair potholes seems to be extremely ineffective. Potholes reappear after only a few days due to the asphalt used to fill them being pushed out of the hole. The fact that a repaired pothole returns in a few days makes it a complete waste of time and money to “fix” it in the first place. I suggest investing a sum of money to research and implement more effective repair methods, so that funds are not wasted in the future!

  2. Scott Miller says:

    Well it is about time they did something in this hell hole of city. I am sure glad I don’t live here.

  3. Scott Miller says:

    I want to know who is going to pay for all the damaged vehicles. Dam potholes in this city have destroyed my truck. I am really considering a law suit. This is just silly the way Co treats its citizens.

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