DENVER (CBS4)– Most dog and cat owners in Denver don’t get the required licenses for their pets. Those who are ticketed and don’t appear in court are in for a big surprise.

Only 20 percent of dog owners and two percent of cat owners living in Denver obtain the required license.

Last summer stranger pulled a knife on Randy and Dottie Sloan outside an apartment building. When they called police for help, Randy was arrested.

“They said we have some bad news… a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear. They handcuffed me and took me to the car,” said Randy.

“I never thought that anything would happen to him because I was flabbergasted when they came in and said, ‘We have this problem. We have a warrant for your arrest,'” said Dottie.

Randy started having chest pains and police rushed him to Denver Health Medical Center. He says he was secured to his bed.

“Four-point restraints. Both arms and legs hooked up to a bed,” said Randy. “For a dog license.”

The Denver Sheriff’s Department said deputies only do that when someone in custody is combative. Randy insists he was cooperating with them.

Court records show the Randy was wanted for failure to vaccinate his dogs and not having a dog license. Police in Denver said the arrest was court-ordered.

“You can’t use discretion when the court says you are to arrest this person on contact,” said Denver Police Spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Matt Townsend of Kittredge was also jailed. He was taken into custody after skipping a court appearance for not getting a dog license.

There are 50 others facing arrest for not having a dog license in Unincorporated Jefferson County.

In Denver, that situation isn’t supposed to happen anymore with a new procedure for those who violate the animal license requirement. Instead, a collection agency will be looking for violators to pay their fines.

Comments (10)
  1. mother nature says:

    This is so stupid, it doesn’t deserve a comment

  2. me says:

    its all about money……unincorperated jefferson county, along with all the other countys are broke……they know they can make some real money off other wise law abiding citizens……our country is so bassackwards!!!!!!

  3. JW says:

    It’s not as though these people were not given a warning. The only reason there is a warrant out for their arrest is because they previously got a citation for not having a license for the dog, and they chose to ignore it. Pet ownership is not some god-given right you have. If you want to live in the city or county, you have to follow the laws. One of those laws is that you have to license your dog. It’s not some money making scheme that the government came up with. it’s used to pay your part for things like animal control, dog parks, etc. Those of us that don’t own dogs shouldn’t have to pay for your pets.

    1. Steve says:

      Oh please, my cats dont take advantage of any of these so called services…they dont go outside (no need for animal control), they dont go to the park (see #1)…

      Your argument is invalid and makes no sense. Licensing is merely a money grab by the city and your argument, about how you somehow pay for my pets, provides no evidence to the contrary.

    2. David says:

      JW…you said it very well.

  4. Rick says:

    This sort of thing is what gives the police a bad image, something to be feared by the public even when in need of help. Whatever happened to the guy that pulled the knife on them? This is what you get for calling for help? Punish the victim?

  5. Lee says:

    “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I free…”

  6. StupidPeopleAnnoyMe says:

    The arrest was for failure to appear on the first charge. Doesn’t matter how stupid we think it is to have to pay for pets – that’s the law. He broke the law by getting caught without a license for his dog. Then broke the law again when he didn’t appear. This isn’t about a pet license. This is about a habitual law breaker. Where does it end with this guy? What I think is stupid is that you didn’t just follow the law and license your pet!

    1. HowDoYouKnowHesAKing says:

      “This is about a habitual law breaker. Where does it end with this guy?”

      He should change his name to Jon Corzine, and it will be ALL GOOD.

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