BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Wind is blamed for causing power outages Wednesday along the Front Range.

An estimated 33,000 Xcel Energy customers across the county were without power at 9 p.m.

Mark Stutz with Xcel said the outages are primarily West Metro Denver and Boulder. Of those 33,000, 7,000 are in Boulder. As of 9 p.m. Stutz said Xcel was at the height of the outages, but throughout the day they’ve had approximately 45,000 customers affected.

Xcel had approximately two dozen teams out working on repairs, but some can’t be made, such as fixing downed power poles, since the wind is still too strong in many areas.

Many residents are expected to be without power until Thursday morning, but Stutz said it’s possible some of the outages could last into the weekend.

One of the areas in Boulder that was affected is from 19th Avenue to Kalmia in North Boulder. About eight Xcel crews were working to restore the power Wednesday afternoon. Centennial and Crest View schools were evacuated because of the danger of power poles falling. Nobody in the area has been hurt.

Other streets affected are Lima and Norwood.

Four feeder poles were downed by strong wind gusts. Three crews are working on repairing the power poles and restoring power.

On University and 8th Street in Boulder a tree crashed on top of a University of Colorado student’s car. He was outside when he heard the tree snap and he ran out of the way just in time. The car was totaled.

tree into car Strong Wind Leaves Tens Of Thousands Without Power

An image of the tree that fell on top of the student's car (credit: CBS)

In Niwot, 1,100 people were without power. Xcel Energy officials are working to determine the cause of that outage.

CBS4 found power poles leaning over in Golden.

There have been gusts up to around 80 mph in the foothills west of Denver and forecasters say gusts up to 100 mph are possible. The warm winds could also drive temperatures into the 60s along Colorado’s Front Range.

  1. Arkitekt says:

    its so sad but fact is we can not fight with nature. nature is more powerful than us. we can only pray for them.

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