DENVER (AP) – House lawmakers approved a bill to forbid the state from seizing Colorado residents’ firearms during a declared state of emergency.

Republican House Leader Amy Stephens says the bill is about emergency preparedness. The proposal passed the Republican-led House Monday with bipartisan support but it’s likely to be defeated in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Stephens says her proposal is one that several states have implemented after Hurricane Katrina, when there was mass looting. The National Rifle Association says 31 states have legislation in place similar to what Colorado lawmakers are considering.

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Comments (3)
  1. David Whittle says:

    and the dummicrats had better get on board
    way–I think in the ’80s–when the I think it was Arizona Police went on strike that the ANTI-GUNNERS said this will lesd to violence in the streets and widespread unrest and -and-and-except that the “bad guys” cooled it and the violence and robberies and crime dropped dramatically–and for ONE reason and one reason only—–the people were armed and they were under NO constraints as to how the people could use “Deadly Force”—And crime against the general populace dropped dramatacily–ITS PUBICAL RECORD–I think

  2. Taxpayer Joe says:

    So, now I do have to fear my government along with any potential looters. I guess the foklks voting against this measure in the Colo Senate will be coming to guard me and my possessions.

    I remember back in the 60s the rioters in Philadelphia threatened to take the violence to the suburbs. Rifles and boxes of ammunition were lined up in the windows. Guess what? No riots in the ‘burbs.

    Stay out of my house no matter what fallacious reason you use.

  3. Mike says:

    If Barry is re-elected He and Holder are going to try to do it through the Supreme court.. New York and Chicago, and many Democrat controlled Cities have already disarmed their citizens..
    Bad stuff is gonna` happen..they ain`t disarming me.. carry me away maybe..But they won`t disarm me.

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