DENVER (CBS4) – The man known as Colorado’s anti-tax crusader is now behind bars for tax evasion.

The jail term for Douglas Bruce began on Friday, and CBS4’s Rick Sallinger was there when Bruce turned himself. Watch the complete, unedited video clip below:

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Bruce has gone from state representative and anti-tax crusader to political prisoner — at least that’s how he sees himself.

Bruce arrived at the Denver Justice Center ahead of schedule in the morning dressed much less formally than when he was sentenced earlier this week to 180 days in jail.

“This is not it for me,” Bruce told Sallinger and another reporter outside the courthouse. “You are tools of people trying to make this into something it is not.”

“Would you be here today if the Taxpayer Bill of Rights had not passed?” Sallinger asked.

“I don’t think,” Bruce said. “Why would they go after me for $129 in 2005 taxes?”

Bruce told CBS4 he brought along a handkerchief and a roll of quarters and indicated he was prepared for his time behind bars.

“Are you concerned about your personal safety while in jail?” Sallinger asked Bruce.

“Are you going to be there with me in jail?” Bruce responded.

“No, I hope not,” Sallinger said.

“Then I’m not concerned,” Bruce said.

Bruce then proceeded to walk into the courtroom to serve his jailtime.

  1. CityParkWester says:

    What a snarky, whining jerk. Poor lil tax-evading slum lord has to pay for his crimes. Oh woe is he. All I can say is HOORAY! It’s about time some of these jerks get their just desserts.

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