EAGLE, Colo. (CBS4) — A Basalt High School girls basketball coach accused of having sexual encounters with a 17-year-old male student appeared in court Thursday.

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said Lauren Redfern was booked into the jail on Thursday after she turned herself in to authorities. Her bond was reduced to $5,000 at Thursday’s hearing and she bonded out of custody shortly after.

Redfern, 26, of El Jebel was charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse, a class 3 felony. She was the teen’s study hall teacher.

“They were caught in a room they shouldn’t have been in together and that’s what started this investigation. And they admitted what was going on,” said Eagle County Undersheriff Mike McWilliams.

The sheriff’s office said when they were caught, it was in a teacher’s bathroom. Detectives also said sexual acts between Redfern and the teen happened over a four-month period at both her home and the student’s home.

“The juvenile and teacher had sexual contact at her house and at his house,” said McWilliams.

Redfern was placed on paid leave from the high school last week. She was also a star basketball player at Basalt High School when she was a student.

As a condition of her bond, Redfern is not allowed contact with children under 18 or her alleged victim. She faces a lengthy prison sentence if convicted.

“Potentially it can be four to 16 years in the state penitentiary,” said McWilliams.

Comments (6)
  1. jeff says:

    why why why do they have these cases wasting our monet. Good for the 17 year old. Now he can brag to all his buddies. Sad for the teacher. Too bad as I’m sure it was a mutual thing and now the funs over. Stupid!

    1. tim says:

      Are you a pedophile or a pervert?

  2. Bob says:

    Really??? Teachers using their position to get in bed with kids????? Waste of our money??? Clearly, you have a different idea of public education than me. I prefer the pedophiles be OUTSIDE the school.

  3. chip says:

    Any chance of her teaching adult education?

  4. John H says:

    I’m hoping for the max. You don’t read about many cases at all of male teachers accused of sex with students—only children too young to tattle on them. But female teachers are going after boy from 12 to 17 all over the place. Something’s going very wrong in society when more and more young women are willing to take this risk….or maybe they know that the sentence is usually a slap on the wrist for women, and they get infamous.

    1. LoCo Bob says:

      12 to 17 all over the place? Really? This is a common occurrence? I’d like to see the statistics before I get really concerned.

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