DENVER (AP) — A Republican bill to boost the Colorado oil and gas industry faces its first test Thursday in the Democratic state Senate.

The bill would ban local governments from regulating oil and gas drilling. The proposal comes after some Front Range cities and counties have proposed local limits on where drilling could occur, instead of deferring to state regulations.

Some Democrats including Gov. John Hickenlooper have said the state needs to take precedence when it comes to oil and gas drilling. But other Democrats in the Legislature have suggested additional limits on drilling. Those limits have already been rejected by the Republican House.

Thursday’s hearing is the year’s first test for a Republican drilling bill.

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Comments (2)
  1. Michael G says:

    Oh no! Hey Colorado open up your state to gas and oil exploration. You know the oil and gas companies are as honest as BP was in Louisiana. You have I 25 running north and south plenty of road for big trucks carrying rigging equipment. And interstate 70 and state hwy 6 goes north and south which means they can start drilling in the national forests of your state. Come on give them a chance to drill baby drill. Remember oil corporations are people too.

  2. Asodeska says:

    Radical environmentalists want to stop all progress. They fear mongering and ridiculous arguments to try to stop a critical element in our economy.
    BP in fact volunteered $20 BILLION to help correct the problems they and other companies had created as a result of the mistake. Never in History has anyone paid that kind of money to correct an error.
    We need our oil and gas – desperately now that the idiot in chief has given Canada’s huge reserves to China.
    Let’s pass this bill, folks.

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