Boulder International Film Festival
February 16 to February 19, 2012

Every February more than 16,000 filmmakers, media, guests and fans flock to Boulder to participate in the annual Boulder International Film Festival. Sponsored by the Colorado Film Society, this event is held every year on President’s Day Weekend. It is always a fantastic festival, and it is sure to be another smash hit this year.

Head to Boulder to enjoy the four-day-long festival and watch independent films, shorts and documentaries. As a bonus, you may even spot a celebrity or two. The Boulder International Film Festival has hosted Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase, Blythe Danner, Patrick Warburton, Eric Roberts, James Franco and so many more. Many of the past featured films have gone on to win multiple Oscar nominations and achieve box office success. And you can say that you saw it first. To fully enjoy all that the International Film Festival has to offer, here are tips to help you navigate Boulder and the week’s events.

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biff Guide To The Boulder International Film Festival


Stay The Night
Prices range from $50 a night
Check here for a list of participating hotels

Whether you are heading to Boulder for just the day or plan to stay for the whole festival, plan to at least make a weekend out of your trip to Boulder. Many Boulder hotels are offering great deals on accommodations for the festival. You can stay nearby and really treat yourself to a great deluxe package, or you can keep it simple with a basic and more affordable option. No matter what your price range, there is a hotel nearby for you.

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Plan Ahead
Full Schedule

Check out the full schedule of films on the website. There are usually several venues that will be showing films at the same time, so you will have to do a little planning. The online schedule will have a short synopsis and information on each film being featured at the festival, so spend a little time on the site and decide what you will be seeing. Look for films that catch your eye and subjects that you find interesting, but don’t be afraid to branch out and try something totally new and unfamiliar to you. After all, that is what these kinds of festivals are about.

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Full Site Map

If you have been to any big festival, then you know that parking can be a nightmare. Luckily, the Boulder International Film Festival does everything it can to help make it a bit easier on you. Check out the map on the website for clearly mapped parking garages, lots, and information near all of the festival locations. Some lots will charge and some will be free, so be sure to read the signs carefully so you aren’t caught with an unexpected ticket.

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Bring the Kids

Yes, the festival often features events and films that are appropriate for your kids. There will be some specifically labeled “youth screenings” listed on the website calendar, so those are a great place to start. The film festival also usually features special events and workshops appropriate for your budding filmmakers, so pay special attention to those, as they are sure to be a great opportunity for your kids to learn a little something and have a ton of fun.

Deborah Flomberg is a theater professional, freelance writer and Denver native. Her work can be found at


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