DENVER (CBS4) – Prominent Colorado Democrats said Tuesday that Republican Mitt Romney is out of touch with the people of Colorado.

Rick Palacio, the head of the state Democratic party, and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said that during his stops in the state Romney has pandered to the Tea Party and made promises that would hurt Colorado families.

Colorado’s Republican caucus is being held in Colorado on Tuesday night.

“For me, it’s not about partisan politics. The reality is the city of Denver and the state of Colorado needs a partner in the White House. We need to keep moving forward to continue to dig out of this difficult and deep recession,” Hancock said.

Democrats will be holding their caucus on March 6 — which is Super Tuesday.

Comments (2)
  1. John Q. Public says:

    From a Man that`s been on the public teat all his life? He has a P.R. firm,never gives a straight answer, Never had a job outside of Gubmint. And eatin` Gubmint cheese all his life. Romney is out of touch? ROTFLMFAO!

  2. asodeska says:

    let me see, we have one of the worst run cities in America – the land of badly run cities – and guess who runs them?
    The Democrats.
    Sadly, the powers that be at Channel 4 cannot write a competent article, so this article really says nothing

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