DENVER (CBS4) – With all the snow the avalanche danger has increased across the Rockies.

Much of Colorado is under “considerable” avalanche danger.

Avalanche forecaster Spencer Logan with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center explained what that means.

“It means there are dangerous conditions … and that to travel safely through avalanche terrain you have to have pretty good skills,” Logan said.

Logan also said the conditions mean there are not a lot of natural snow slides, but it is easy for backcountry skiers to trigger avalanches.

“If you choose to play in avalanche terrain everybody in your group needs to carry safety equipment,” Logan said.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center will re-evaluate the conditions several times a day. Experts say even a little snow can change the avalanche danger.

LINK: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

  1. Kevin Karson says:

    Really, wow.
    News flash, rain increases plant growth.
    Sun promotes photosynthesis.
    I had to click on this to see if it was really that dumb.
    Wind let man sail faster

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