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Video Showing Suggestive Dancing Causes Uproar In Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (CBS4) – A suggestive video taken of high school students has parents outraged in Grand Junction.

The video was shown during a school assembly at Central High School. The cellphone video shows students dancing provocatively with one another.

As the teens “grind” with each other they are scolded by others, including teachers.

It appears the video was meant to be used as a lesson to show students how to dance appropriately at school functions. But that explanation isn’t sitting well with at least one parent who e-mailed the Colorado Board of Education, calling the video a “disgrace.”

Students say the video was unnecessary.

“The video is pretty bad, they shouldn’t have done it. It’s given Central a bad name,” a student said.

“If they want to say grinding isn’t a good thing, they shouldn’t have put it on the video,” another student said.

District officials admit that taken out of context the video was offensive and say they are truly sorry.

  • denvervet

    first of all its nice to hear some kkds are dancing, i thought that was extinct. in my day people “streaked” all over the place which is worse? some even streaked my high shcool graduation. maybe its not that tasteful but they should give them a full pass on this one…I”ll bet that one parent grinded back in the 70’s and 80’s when it was the thing to do! probably experimented with drugs too!


    As a CHS parent: Get real!!! The kids took it for what it was worth – A tongue in cheek statement about improper dancing. (Take a cue from what todays kids watch in the way of TV, movies, videos and ads). The fact that CBS failed to interview CHS staff, faculty or “involved” CHS students speaks to the poor quality of the reporting. That you interviewed kids ‘hanging out’, during class time, at the local skate park is very mis-leading: are they even current, in good standing CHS students? CHS has many excellent students who excel in academics, sports, school and community projects.
    Proud to be a CHS Warrior!

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